Consumers and e-commerce transform traditional enterprises

One , E-commerce pattern

World e-commerce trend , Ali and Jingdong 80%, other 10% Keep it for the third to the tenth , be left over 10% Keep other third tier E-commerce , Traditional retail industry on the Internet , Traditional manufacturing industry on the Internet .

The breadth of the Internet , Platform , Capital driven , It'll take all the winners . So Jingdong , Suning , Yixun , Newegg , Gome , Kuba's war will be in 3 Years later, the pattern gradually emerged , If you don't like it, you have to recognize it .

Third to tenth , among 1 Shop No , Amazon solid earth pushing sun arch ; Group buying Rumei group , handle , Public comments , Also a share of e-commerce ; Ctrip , Art dragon , Where are you going? , Such travel e-commerce as tuniu will also have a place ; Vipshop will bleed to market but will eventually retain a seat ; Dangdang old turtle takes the lead in multi-channel business ; And ordinary people , Macalline , Martha Marceau , Mengbasha sighs and retreats to the third tier, e-commerce is not in the media spotlight .

Baidu can't find the breakthrough point of industrial chain in any link , Want to use maps , Travel? , Local life experience grope into the offline O2O, But in the end, it will be submerged in the third tier .

In which , Tencent is an interesting role that cannot be ignored . It will definitely be the third largest e-commerce industry in China ( Similar to other Tencent products and services , It's not one of the top two, but it's all in the top five and top three in the subdivision field ). It controls the user , Turning users into consumers is the first priority . It used to be realized by virtual products , Realization of physical products , Tencent's e-commerce road has not been located .

Now? , Clapping as C2C The mall of , Tencent is operating online C2C Commercial real estate , Corresponding to Alibaba Taobao ;QQ As a big business B2C Shopping Mall , Tencent is running the Internet B2C Commercial real estate , Corresponding to Alibaba tmall ;QQ Online shopping is a new thing , Let the third tier team B2C E-commerce comes here for multi-channel distribution ( The third echelon of e-commerce to develop multiple distribution channels is the general trend , Of course, our main station will still maintain its main force ). Tencent itself will not be an online retailer that purchases and sells goods .

But Tencent has always been committed to the service platform of e-commerce , It's the same as Ali . So Tencent establishes a consumer introduction platform , Customer relationship management platform , Advertising marketing platform ,POP E-commerce platform , Warehousing logistics platform , Financial loan platform .

From several platforms , Warehousing logistics is the weakest point . China's greatness , The great difference between East, West, North and south of China , Great difference between Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other cities of three or four levels , What about the land cost of logistics and storage in China , Freight cost , High taxes , It's all resistance . But this is the environment , We also achieved the remarkable Jingdong Logistics through international capital venture capital , Amazon Logistics , Four connections and one access , Shunfeng . Now Ali is also building logistics with heavy capital , Tencent is also investing heavily in Logistics , Jingdong's recent financing is also the focus of building logistics , Believe that the logistics problem lies in 3 It's not a problem in China , China's miraculous logistics speed is everywhere , Logistics expenses , Logistics capability , Let the foreigner be astonished .

Two , consumer

yes , We are still in the minority , because 8 Hundred million farmers have not yet moved . yes , Don't look down on Farmers , Despite their huge numbers, their consumption power is very low , But they have created a global miracle made in China, which makes the United States wield the anti-dumping stick of exchange rate and tariff quota , They are losers, but they are the main consumers of Chinese Internet virtual products . They are really involved in the main consumption of China's Internet physical products , That's a huge amount of terror .

What is the fuse . It's a smartphone , It's a preferential tariff for Telecom , It's wechat , It's a two-dimensional code on the daily papers of Hunan CCTV , It's cash pay that turns into a bank card , It's cheap shopping online , It's a singles day battle that's getting more and more popular for all ages , It's train ticket online ticket selling mobile phone ticket vending machine ticket selling , It's mobile e-commerce APP, It is the Bank of major commercial banks in China APP, It's China's appalling Logistics .

Three , Traditional enterprises

Traditional retail , Traditional consumer commodity manufacturing , Watching the fierce E-commerce , Seeing the rent of their physical stores soar, the flow of people is getting less and less . How to develop your own e-commerce ? In the past, it was still in the dilemma of self building or entering Taobao , Thinking about online marketing , storage , logistics , customer service , Thinking about the conflict between online model and price and offline , Today, all platforms are open POP platform , Both provide basic marketing , storage , logistics , customer service , financial service . and KFC Online ordering, offline manufacturing and nearby distribution , Online price is more expensive than offline price , E-commerce business form of the nearest shop , It's getting more and more popular , So the online and offline conflicts are also relieved , Offline because of its visibility , After sales service guarantee , Will let 8 Millions of farmers feel more comfortable shopping online .

Four , What are the major changes in the operation mode of traditional enterprises ?

Suning and Jingdong are a typical case of life and death contest . With mature retail standards as the main force , Manufactured by big industrial flow , Home appliances digital products with extremely fast price reduction and profits comparable to blades , What to compete for ?

Let's look at the industrial chain , Sales closed loop : Customer relationship - Marketing - sale - payment - Logistics distribution - Payment for refund - after-sale service .

Suning's marketing strategy , Front end e-commerce website informatization , Payment method , Warehousing logistics , Customer service consultation before and after sales , Return and exchange , All links of refund and supplement , Compared with Jingdong .

And our other traditional retail enterprises , Traditional manufacturing , So it is . Fortunately , How many POP E-commerce platforms all provide their own proud service platform in these aspects . therefore , Traditional retail , Traditional manufacturing needs online business , There will be no such pressure on Suning in these links . Because Suning is building its own platform , And traditional retail traditional manufacturing just uses the existing POP Online multi-channel distribution on the platform .

Consumer and business sales , The service is online , Outside the enterprise : It's possible to have a low-cost conversation with the end consumer at zero distance , Fast information dissemination enterprises without secrets must restrict and standardize their every move, and even actively transparent their internal processes and progress , Can automatically track and record consumer behavior .

but , What great changes will be brought to the internal management mode of the enterprise ?

We still layer the business management according to the classic system :
1, Organizational division of labor , Framework echelon guarantee of talent leaders
2, Collaboration process assurance
3, operate PDCA Administration , Quality assurance system
4, Performance guarantee
5, Human capability support , Guarantee of cultural driving force
6, Capital guarantee , Cost control guarantee
7, Automation and information tool support

Let's see what's going on at all levels ?

There's not much change in the system , After a hundred years of practice and summary, enterprise management has a classic system and mode . But the Internet is fast , Exploratory imperfect iteration , simple , equality , transparent , Vote with feet , The spirit of these consumers' netizens , Will transform the enterprise from consciousness , Culture and behavior will be forced to change , Even change the specific collaboration process , Operation control process , Performance appraisal method , Automation and information tool support .

Five , How to change the internal informatization of enterprises ?

As enterprise informatization , Getting through is the main theme :
1, Connect consumer relationship management platform and e-commerce shopping platform

2, Connect e-commerce shopping platform and multi-channel distribution management platform

3, online retailers POP Shopping platform and internal supply chain system , Storage system , logistics system , Financial system , Getting through the customer service system

4, Consumer relationship management platform and internal order management , Storage system , logistics system , Supply chain system , marketing management , Customer service management , Getting through the membership management system

5, Internal order management , Storage system , logistics system , Supply chain system , marketing management , Customer service management , Communication between member management systems

6, The connection between upstream supplier system and internal supply chain system

So many constructions and connections , Integrated platform ( Portal integration , Organizational integration , Permission integration , Business flow integration , Approval process integration , Master data integration , Business data integration ), Master data management , Interface analysis architecture design is the key factor .

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