Since the last month , I often see things like “ Internet winter ”,“ Layoffs ” News like that , I thought these things were far away from me , But I didn't expect that many of my relatives and friends were laid off in succession , They have one thing in common , That is to work in Internet Co .

internet , How many people are fascinated by this industry , Sitting quietly in the Office , Nine in the morning and six in the evening , Very comfortable , Even if you have to work overtime , Most people accept it , After all, we don't need to sell jobs with high physical wages , Not much anymore . however , This fascinating industry recently , stay 2018 But a crisis broke out in , And it's going to last until 2019 year . Towards the end of the year , Many well-known Internet companies have laid off employees , As for the small businesses that can't go on and eventually fail , Even more numerous .

The layoffs in the Internet industry are coming all of a sudden , It's hard for many people to accept , that , Why the booming Internet industry , There's going to be a crisis like this ?

One , Internet bubble shattered

The bubble of the Internet industry has always been there. , A simple example , How many people have a shared battery , Sharing cars , share KTV What about the needs of ? Even if there are, there are a few . however , Countless projects like this without actual needs , Just because of the Internet , But it can be favored by many capitals , And get a big investment , As can be imagined how big the bubble is . In recent years , More and more Internet projects without market demand , The bubble is getting bigger and bigger. , And investors can't be fooled again and again , The bubble is broken . Internet bubble shattered , The impact is a reduction in demand , To reduce costs , Companies have to cut jobs .


Two , The demographic dividend is disappearing

The past few decades , Why can our economy develop rapidly ? Demographic dividend is an important reason . Because of our weak foundation , That's why it seems to have made great progress , also , Demographic dividend brings the inherent advantage of high fault tolerance . No matter what the project is , As long as there are more than one person, it can be completed better , This is the advantage of low labor cost . however , With the increasing cost of employment , Now many enterprises need only top-notch talents . If you are useless to the enterprise , Or it's not about the core role , Then it will be eliminated .

Three , Acceleration of the process of oligarchy

If you look around , You will find that all aspects of your life are surrounded by internet giants , Whether it's food or drink , You can see them all . Among them, Alibaba and Tencent are particularly influential , They're getting bigger and bigger , More and more businesses involved . For many private enterprises that do not rely on the mountain , The remaining living space is getting smaller and smaller . In the course of history , We can also find that resources are constantly focused on the head , The same is true for enterprises , But now the process is developing too fast , So many small businesses can't stand the pressure .

It's not just the Internet , Traditional garment manufacturing industry , Automobile manufacturing industry , The business and trade industry has long ushered in the cold winter , A lot of owners of clothing trade , Has complained for years about the difficulty of doing business , Many of them have already turned careers . So the crisis came earlier than we thought , It's just that the Internet industry is getting more attention .

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