Some time ago, Ctrip just broke out the news of the salary cut of senior executives , Now there's news of layoffs , In each platform and circle, friends have confirmed the news and the disclosure of Ctrip's internal employees .



     We can see from the employee's information that qunari is also laying off employees , And it's a very nice way of saying it's called “ Negotiated resignation ”. And the first news was 3 month 6 It came out of No , Looks like it's been fermenting for a while .




     But what's more gratifying is that , The staff got it N+1 Compensation for , And the main businesses that have been cut are the vacation business line and the middle office business line . No company wide redundancies , It's a blessing during the outbreak . I don't want to criticize Ctrip's layoff , I don't want to earn sympathy , I don't want to learn some glamorous media to spread anxiety , I just want to express some thoughts and opinions , And future strategies .





1, Whoever it is , Whether you are in or out of the system ( Ctrip's work is outside the system ) We have to reserve an emergency fund for ourselves and our family . How much of this money is related to your situation , If you're single , You just have to leave it to yourself for a few months , If you have the old and the young , And the mortgage , Then you need to keep more ( In addition, due to the stability of the work within the system , You can keep less of what you need ), What needs to be kept most is outside the system , Old age , Downstream little brother , Sisters .


2, Buy the house early , But when you make a loan, you have to measure your tolerance , Considering some emergencies , For example, temporary unemployment , Like getting sick, etc .


3, Buy a reliable insurance , Mainly to protect family members from sudden illness , To be able to cure diseases with money . This aspect is more professional and complex , Have time to talk in detail later .


4, Buy a house early , Strive to be a proletarian . The worst part of the epidemic was the renters , The worst is the unemployed and the renters , After all, there is a room , Even if the loan , And the country will not die , When buying a house, you should consider your bearing capacity and cash flow comprehensively .


5, Work within or outside the system , You need to develop more skills , Make sure that even if you lose your job , And get a job as soon as possible , Even if the industry you used to be good at doesn't work , Can also change industry to continue to work .




1, The layoffs of Ctrip's holiday business line are really helpless , And it's paid according to the law , It's understandable as a bystander , Put yourself in the situation , If as a party , No matter Party A or Party B , Compared with some companies , Although there are no layoffs , But the contract is not renewed with the employee whose contract expires , In this way, the company can reduce the compensation , Employees have no complaints yet , Specific employees , I won't .


2, Most of our programmers work in Internet companies or some foreign companies , No matter what kind of enterprise is a market-oriented company , The market-oriented company is in trouble , It's inevitable when there are layoffs ,( Only civil servants do not lay off staff , It's the career section that rarely cuts people ) After all, we don't serve the iron rice bowl , We should always have the preparation and financial resources to be cut , Material preparation , Avoid being caught off guard when that day comes .


3, It's the layoff that makes us understand , Why do the elders always say that the work of civil servants and career editors is a good job , From the perspective of layoffs and unemployment , These elders call it "iron rice bowl" , There are also certain advantages , Of course, some work outside the system has its own charm .



Coping strategies


1, It's more important to accumulate enough contacts , Meet more colleagues , Attend more industry meetings , Appropriate publications , Packaging itself , Get to know more influential people , Increase your influence and popularity by the way .


2, Get to know more headhunters , Especially with some excellent headhunters , Even if you don't change jobs , You can get a lot of industry knowledge , Know the most cutting-edge needs of Companies , Always adjust your direction and technical route . So we must know more headhunters , Don't be impatient when you get a call from the headhunter . There's another advantage of meeting headhunters , If one day my job doesn't matter , You can also change careers to be a headhunter .


3, Learn to save , Learn to save , Learn to save .


4, We can try to work within the system and in state-owned enterprises , Some white-collar workers I know have gone to public institutions , There are teachers who have changed careers , Some later went to state-owned enterprises , There are also civil servants .


The above is only for ordinary people , There is no need to refer to those who have already sat in the senior management position .



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