Many people like to play games , There are also many people who want to make their own games .
Cool scene , Character setting , Great gaming experience , Rich social activities , A fun game has its own unique attraction .

On whether the mobile game engine is the most noticeable one or the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D.

Based on the Unreal Engine 4 There are many games , Like a war machine 4, Game volume 111 individual G, Famous 《 Jedi survive 》5.86G wait , And some large-scale mobile games are based on the illusory engine 4 Developed .

and Unity3D More games developed , It's just that it's different from the unreal engine that is used to develop masterpieces ,Unity3D More focus on mobile and Web , Famous page Tour : New fairy sword Online, Tank hero , Steam City , Peerless double pride , The famous legend of hand walking furnace stone , Temple Escape , warrior 2 wait .

Domestic use Unity3D There are also many large factories developed , tencent , grand , Netease , Kunlun world wide .

Want to make their own games want to enter the big factory , The knowledge of game design is very necessary , From project approval , plan , art designer , Development to completion , Every step requires professional skill support .

that , From playing games to playing games , What skills are needed ?
A live broadcast of game development is coming !

Technical director of Kunlun world wide : Mr. Cai Junhong , Coming soon csdn Live studio ,6 month 7 day 20:00 And all the games I love to play , Students who want to be game developers , Talk for years
Experience in game development ,Java Game server architecture and Unity3D Client architecture . More in-depth explanation Unity3D Performance optimization Roadmap .

Occupy seats ahead of time , Live broadcast starts !
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