<> One , catalog :

1, What is outsourcing position

2, Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing positions

3, What are the characteristics of outsourcing job interview ?

<> Two , preface :

In us IT industry , Outsourcing companies are mainly divided into “ Manpower outsourcing ” and “ Project Outsourcing ”. Human outsourcing refers to On
Site form , It is the content of the employee's work place in the customer company .“ Project Outsourcing ” The form refers to taking the received projects to our company , The relationship between the client and us is Party A and Party B , This is not outsourcing ( The company makes its own products ) There is no difference in position , So no discussion . Because some friends don't know much about outsourcing , So let me give you another example : For example, the company A Signed an outsourcing service agreement with a bank , Outsourcing personnel for banks . You go to the company A To apply , After passing the interview , company A Arrange your interview with the bank , After passing the bank interview , You will work with the company A Sign labor contract , It's a company A Employees of , But the company A Will send you to work in the bank . Working in a bank , Contact with colleagues may not be the company A Employees in . On the payroll , Still a company A Pay you wages .
For the convenience of narration , The company A Companies that provide outsourcing services to large enterprises are called outsourcing companies , The unit that the bank receives outsourcing personnel like this is called customer company . Let's talk about the characteristics of outsourcing companies .

<> One , Advantages of outsourcing positions

1. Many opportunities , Easy to find a job

The threshold of applying for outsourcing position is lower than that of directly becoming customer company , If it's a new business or a new graduate, you can consider outsourcing , Can solve the employment problem quickly .

2. Access to many complex projects and standardized project management processes

Customer companies usually have a large number of projects with high business complexity , After the expatriate finishes a project ( Usually half a year ), It can be quickly put into the new project process , In this way, expatriates can quickly accumulate project experience in the early career .

Customer companies usually have high quality requirements , They will develop a more standardized process to ensure quality . For project quality management process , One of my suggestions is to understand its specific requirements , In depth understanding why the customer company has to develop such a process , What problem to solve , To know what it is, we must know what it is .

3. Higher starting salary

For new test takers entering the workplace , Entering outsourcing may get higher starting salary . But this rule doesn't apply to senior testers .

4. Access to customer company

The recruitment requirements of the client company are very high , If it can't pass the direct recruitment of the customer company , We can try to save the country by curve . Outsourcing period , Good relationship with internal staff of customer company , Accumulate business knowledge and focus on communication and coordination . One of my friends is because of his excellent communication and coordination skills , Recruited by the bank as an internal employee .

<> Two , Disadvantages of outsourcing positions

1. job content

Management guru Drucker said : All non core businesses should be outsourced . Many testers in outsourcing positions are hard to access the core business of the customer company , Of course, it depends on your luck .(
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In the past few years, I have tried dozens of job seekers from outsourcing companies , Most people have one thing in common : Single content , Weak technology . Many of them have worked for six or seven years , I'm not sure if they can cope with the complicated business situation in our company , Or whether it can adapt to the situation of our company in a short time , So far , I haven't hired a person from an outsourcing company .

2. Sense of belonging

After being dispatched to the client's company , Colleagues in one project may be employees of other companies . When it's time to understand the needs , It is likely to encounter difficulties , No one is willing to answer your questions or ignore you . Because everyone is not familiar , Helping you solve problems can affect your progress .

meanwhile , This kind of working mode also represents , You have little contact with other colleagues in the company , Except once or twice a year .

I heard that friends who work in Huawei outsourcing , They are not the same as Huawei's regular employees . This kind of quilt “ Differential treatment ” How , Maybe it's an aspect that requires you to consider carefully whether you want to enter the outsourcing company .

3. Difficulty in raising salary

I have contacted more than ten outsourcing companies in Qingdao , Few outsourcing companies raise their employees' salaries , A few friends went outsourcing , After two years, it's up 200 yuan . Difficulty in increasing salary of outsourcing company , It's related to their profit model .

4. interpersonal relationship

Interpersonal relationships at work , It's an important part of our relationship development . Compared with ordinary companies , People who outsource company work , It's more difficult to develop contacts . generally speaking , Few big winners in the industry outsource , therefore , Friends who value relationships also need to think about it carefully .

<> Three , What are the characteristics of outsourcing job interview ?

As can be seen from the example above , There is an extra round of interview in the application process of outsourcing position : Interview with client company . that , What are the characteristics of this round of interview ?

There is a big difference between the interview of outsourcing position and non outsourcing position , That is to say, outsourcing job prefer one “ Business expert ”. Take the outsourcing position of the bank , It wants you to have bank project testing experience , Secondly, we should have the necessary computer expertise , Understand the test , Be proactive , Good team spirit , Good at communication and coordination, etc . Let's talk about it separately :

1, Relevant work experience

For a client company , Because it's staffed by many outsourcing companies , It has high expectations for people . Because it has a lot of options , There are often many candidates competing for a position , So candidates without relevant work experience are less competitive . Some customers have complex business ( Like banks ), If there is no relevant experience , It may take two or three months to get familiar with their business , This period of time can be understood as being unable to create value .
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Interviews in client companies often start with your work experience or project experience , And then unfold slowly .

2, Necessary computer expertise

for example :

(1) Operating system knowledge ,linux System or windows system

(2) Use of database ,sql Script writing

(3) programing language , It's better to be familiar with a programming language

(4) Software engineering knowledge , Knowledge of software testing

The customer company will follow its own requirements , Choose to mention the above in the interview . generally speaking , The client company will have many projects , They want candidates to have a better foundation , In this way, there will be more suitable projects for candidates , They may also arrange specific work .

3, A positive attitude

This is also a basic requirement . In fact, whether it's outsourcing or not , It's all important . Whether a person is active , The role in a project can be very different . The company expects job seekers to create value as soon as they come in , Not as a training school , Companies are more reluctant to manage their employees like primary school students !**(
You can add me if you want to know the test content QQ:1844835571)** Companies want employees to have a positive attitude , This is especially true in customer companies , It has a lot to do with the working atmosphere in the client company . Because in most projects of the client company , There will be outsourcing personnel of multiple enterprises at the same time , Their labor and management costs are high , Project cycle is tight , They don't want a negative person , Or people who flinch in the face of setbacks . therefore , During the interview with the client company , Must have a good mental outlook , Be positive . If you leave a negative impression on the interviewer , Even if all the other questions are well answered , It's hard to pass the interview .

4, Good team spirit

The projects of customer companies are generally large , Dozens of people in a project team , In such a large team , Good cooperation spirit is very important for customers . If not in groups , Even if the candidates are more skilled , Then recruit such people to the project team , Don't you make trouble for yourself ?

During the interview , Of course, the interviewer won't ask directly :“ Do you focus on teamwork ?”, Because no one will answer no . The interviewer will speculate on your team spirit from the candidates' speech and behavior and previous work experience .

in addition , In terms of interview form , except “ interview ” outside , Some clients have written and telephone interviews . Both of these methods are used to determine whether the candidates meet the interview criteria , To reduce the number of interviews . Telephone interview is a fairy tale time agreed by both parties ( Maybe they didn't make an appointment ), The interviewer will call you , Talk to you briefly .

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