Now? Java Higher and higher salaries for related positions , Increasing .

You can view the data of the job friend set , Beijing Java Relevant positions as an example , among 【20k-30k】 Paid Java engineer , Which accounts for 30.8%!

Beijing Java engineer 「 Wage income level 」

If you are in a small and medium-sized company , actually 20K about , It's almost a limit , It's very difficult for salary to continue to improve . In Alibaba P7 Level Java artisan , Salary can be easily reached 30K -
50K, It doesn't count shares or year-end bonuses .

But become Ali P7 Level of programmers , Is it really hard ? Not necessarily .

Through in-depth communication with nearly 100 well-known enterprises , Combination hook 50w+ Java Job requirements and front-line practical lecturers at home and abroad , Duration 15 Months , Benchmarking Ali P7 Technical requirements polished
《Java High paid training camp for Engineers 》.

Lago has always been committed to delivering high-quality talents to enterprises . stay “ person-job fit ” In the process of , It is found that the knowledge and ability system of many talents deviates from the employment demand of enterprises . To solve this problem , Lago education team experience 15
Months of careful polishing , Officially launch high quality , Excellent service , The course of strong employment .

In a nutshell , This course helps everyone Java engineer , adopt 6 Months of deliberate training , Can reach Alibaba P7 Level of technical capability .

I have to mention that , Now you can catch up with Lago education 「6 Monthly talent training plan 」, What do you mean ? It's you who paid to sign up , If you pass , And graduate on time , You can get it 2-3 10000 cash reward
. Yes, I will pay directly after I finish my study , It's nothing . 

You have to ask , Is it going to be a loss ? Lago itself is for recruitment , The scale of the talent market is much larger than that of the education market , As mentioned earlier , The curriculum is designed in comparison with the needs of enterprise personnel , It's basically customized . put in plain language , What others earn is the enterprise's money . Maybe the layman doesn't know , Selling people makes more money than selling classes .

But the premise , It's about talented people , That's why we have this incentive policy , Make sure you really finish , learn , Able to meet the requirements of entering the first-line large factory
, With this standard , Course content of Lago , teaching , The service must be top-notch .

Why do I say this , Because I'm sure some readers will think , I learn to pay back , It must have been a scam , But this is , It depends on the business model , You can't think about it in the ordinary user's mind , People don't plan to make your money , As long as you're good enough , Even willing to pay for you .

Don't think you're hopeless , Don't think it's too late to try , It's not too late to wake up , Just choose the right direction and work hard , You and I can rush in BAT!

Sign a salary increase agreement after finishing this course , Excellent students can also push in every month .

This course will use 180 Within days of learning cycle , Take you to focus on system learning Java Detailed knowledge system , combination 10+ Real battle sharing of large factories , Listen and program , To help you lay a solid foundation , take
Java Application of technology in actual development , Let you directly reach Alibaba after learning P7 Technical ability of personnel , Even become an architect .( Interested in the end of the article can get free HD Java Skill map )

Systematic building architect capability

《 Java High paid training camp for Architects 》 From 4 Aspects , Take you to build a systematic knowledge system , Help you reach P7 Level of capability requirements , Have the technical strength to become an architect .

Pull hook net exclusive push in green channel

Lagoon has been deeply engaged in the Internet recruitment industry for many years , Powerful internal push resources , Not only can we sign a pay increase agreement , Excellent students can participate in the opportunity of monthly promotion
. No exaggeration , First day of school , It's your first day to a big factory .

Multi scenario learning , Ensure learning effect

Online learning , Regular evaluation , Head teacher supervision , Homework correction , Make sure you keep up , Learned .

Detailed knowledge system , High density learning

12 Stages of learning ,180 Days of study ,10 Actual battle sharing of other large factories

Join now , You will have two choices , Left hand is welfare , Right hand also benefits , It depends on your choice . Under emphasis ,6 Monthly talent training plan only 100 name , First come, first served .( It's said that dozens of them have been stolen )

If you have more questions , such as , Want to test your skill level , Know more about the syllabus , You can scan the code and reply to the corresponding questions .

Time limited benefits

Identification QR code preemption quota

△ Identify QR code and add wechat  

reply 【 atlas 】 Get architect Growth Roadmap


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