Guess how wechat takes one shot ?

Today, I'd like to share my opinion with you


# Double click the Avatar

I found that wechat already supports this function a long time ago , But I don't know the meaning of the animation of head shaking . Until recently, all kinds of 「 Take a picture 」 Play , The first thing I thought about was double clicking the avatar , So I tried it right away , Found that after double clicking, it still didn't appear 「 Take a picture 」 Text for . Later, I thought it was necessary to update the client , After update , succeed .


# Simple guess realization idea

1.「 Take a picture 」 The text style client for already supports

It's not hard to see , This style is obviously the text style of the recall message , So the client is receiving the server response And then reuse this 「 Recall message 」 that will do

2. Why do I have to upgrade the version

Guess that the product manager of wechat hasn't figured out what function the shaken avatar should take , The action client has not been implemented since double clicking the Avatar , So the previous version can't be released by double clicking 「 Take a picture 」 News out , The core of this update is to deal with a series of events after double clicking . If the server interface has been connected before , Just wait for the server to launch a new interface , May surprise users even more , Especially the user who knew the action of double clicking the avatar before

3. Violence continues 「 Take a picture 」

Double click the head image continuously and you will find , Only for the first time , The remaining double clicks only trigger client behavior 「 Head shake 」, It's explosion-proof . Probably 10s Recovery after left and right , Can be triggered again

4. Offline 「 Take a picture 」

In case of disconnection , Double click the Avatar , Will find out , I can see it first
「 Take a picture 」, And then after a while , Will appear 「 For network reasons , The other person may not know that you photographed him 」. This proves to be the rendering logic of the first client , Network request sent again , It should be retried in case of bad network , If it fails in the end , The word "network reason failed" will be displayed

5.「 Take a picture of yourself 」

Double click your Avatar , Will display 「 You took a picture of yourself 」, Just double click the user's information to display it like this , It's nothing special , But when the request fails, the copy is not up to standard , It still shows 「 The other person may not know that you photographed him 」, Guess this copy is written on the client , If you want to change it, you need to update it

What else do you think ? Let's talk ?

Welcome to comment area , about 「 Take a picture 」 What do you find ?




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