first , at that time IT( internet ) There are many jobs in the profession , And many of them also have high added value , So I chose IT Career development is a good choice . With the promotion of industrial structure upgrading , Many traditional professional needs rely on the industrial Internet to complete the network and intelligent transformation , This will further promote IT Career development .

   although IT More jobs , But there are also many jobs with high pressure , In addition, many skilled posts also have the problem of short career life cycle , So girls enter IT Need certain psychological preparation before career development . On the whole ,IT High pressure of vocational learning ( Fast skill update ), High pressure on work mission ( Many missions , Tight time ), Competitive pressure , therefore IT Professional practitioners are still hard-working .

   From the perspective of post nature , From the perspective of current career development prospects , Female students can focus on the relevant positions in the field of big data , Include data collation ( collection , clean , storage ), Data analysis , Data emergence and other positions , The demand for talents in these positions is relatively large in the future , And the post added value is relatively high . At that time, many enterprises began to complete their business in the cloud , Many big data jobs will be released gradually in the future .

   From the structure of common sense , Common sense in three aspects of job demand accumulation in big data , Mathematics involved , Statistics and computers , Although the content is relatively large , It also has certain difficulties , But beginners can follow the rules , Start with basic data analysis , For example, it's easier to start learning by analyzing data . Follow the deepening of learning , Be able to learn programming knowledge gradually (Python), Database knowledge and so on .

   last , In the era of industrial Internet , Many job missions in the field of big data are inseparable from the support of big data channels , So it's important to grasp the common sense of big data channels , Beginners can learn from hadoop,Spark Start learning .

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