1,ping  —— Check the machine TCP/IP Whether the agreement is normal
   The address is a local loop address , If it is found that this address cannot ping with , It means that the TCP/IP Protocol does not work , At this time, you should check the operating system security settings of this machine . 
2,ping own IP   —— Check whether the network card or network card drive is normal
   If ping General indicates network adapter ( Network card or MODEM) Normal operation , If not, the network adapter fails . 
3,ping Same as in LAN IP    Troubleshooting switch port operation mode ,vlan divide
   If not, it means that the network line is faulty  
4,ping gateway  

   If not, the router fails . The available network cable will PC Machine directly connected to router , If you can ping In general, check the network cable from router to switch for failure , If not , Try to replace the computer at ping. If not , Check the router for failure . 
5,ping Extranet    

   You can try ping Baidu website , Under normal circumstances, the address change point to IP, This indicates that the DNS Set up correctly and work properly . Also available through ping Computer name detection WINS Resolved faults (WINS Is to resolve the computer name to IP Address Services ). 
   If none of the above tests have any problems , So the network is normal . If an application fails to connect to the Internet , The corresponding DNS Server reason , Or security settings limit their networking . 
6   ping Syn segment IP     Troubleshooting switch port operation mode ,vlan divide
7    ping Gateway of communication section      Check whether the host to the local network is normal
8    ping Public network IP     Check whether the route is normal
9    ping A domain name on the public network      Troubleshooting DNS Whether the service configuration is normal

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