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Every day after work , I don't know what to do , have nothing to do , Play games , binge-watching , Brush the circle of friends , I can't stop playing with my cell phone , Play until two or three o'clock in the morning , The next day I wake up tired , The mood of going to work is like going to the grave . When you try to change yourself , Well planned , Keep fit , read , learn English …… But every day after work , Drag your tired body home , I can't help saying to myself : I'm really tired today , Let's talk about it tomorrow …… therefore , That's how the plan is delayed . Year by year , In addition to their own weight , I don't feel like I've improved much .

Why do people do nothing after work , I don't know what to do , Because he knows what he really needs . Want to improve yourself , First of all, think about what you want , Like you want to lose weight , Want to learn English , Want to read , Want to improve their professional skills , When you know what you want , The next step is to make a proper plan for yourself , monthly plan , Weekly plan , Daily plan , No plan , People will be confused , With a plan , Every day is according to your plan , Be careful not to set too big a goal when you first make a plan , Don't put too much pressure on yourself , Too much pressure , It's easy to give up , At the beginning, the main thing was persistence , Make a little progress every day , When you finish your plan , Reward yourself appropriately . Persistence is important .
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The book house of gold
In books you can find glowing beauty . The difference between people lies in the different way of thinking , Only you keep learning , You can improve your vision , And then change your way of thinking . Who are the smart people around us , No one who doesn't like reading . You can learn your professional skills , You can also read books about self-improvement , Like time management , Energy management , Way of thinking …… Only you keep learning , When there's a chance , You can handle it .

I remember Cai Kangyong saying something :“15 It's hard to swim , Give up swimming , reach 18 Meet someone you like and ask you to go swimming , You have to say ‘ I won't ’.18 I think English is difficult , Give up English ,28 A great job in English , You have to say ‘ I won't ’. Earlier in life, more trouble , The more lazy I am to learn , The more likely you are to miss out on people and things that move you , Miss new scenery .”

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Because of the limitation of one's thinking and vision , Growing slowly , To grow fast , Join a high-energy circle , For example, there are many reading groups now , Writing group , Financial Group , Self discipline group , Weight loss group . There are many people who have the same goals as themselves , You can share with each other , Mutual learning , Mutual supervision , Things that may have been bothering you , I'll have a little on demand , You'll wake up . Maybe you never dare to try , Encouraged by others , You took the first step in life .

keep a diary , replay

How long have you not kept a diary , It's a good habit to keep a diary , By keeping a diary , You can record your daily life , Gain and loss of one day , Writing about yourself not only reflects on your actions , Can also exercise their logical thinking ability .
The only difference between success and mediocrity is whether you make the most of your time , Time after work , Determined height of life .

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