<>SpringCloud Interview questions ( One )

hello everyone , I'm cool Han ~ Here are some organized springcloud Interview questions

One . Advantages and disadvantages of microservices ? Talk about the pit in the development project ?

advantage :

1. Each service is directly cohesive enough , Code is easy to understand
2. High development efficiency , One service does one thing , Suitable for small team development
3. loose coupling , Functional services .
4. Can be developed in different languages , Interface oriented programming .
5. Easy third-party integration
6. Microservices are just code for business logic , Not with HTML,CSS Or other interface combination .
7. Can match flexibly , Connect public library / Connect standalone library

shortcoming :
1. Responsibility of distributed system
2. More difficulty in multi service operation and maintenance .
3. System deployment dependency , Cost of communication between services , Data consistency , System integration test , Performance monitoring .

Two . What is? springcloud?
Spring cloud The streaming application initiator is based on Spring Boot Of Spring Integrated application , Provide integration with external systems .Spring cloud
Task, A short life cycle microservice framework , For fast building applications that perform limited data processing

Three .spring cloud and dubbo difference ?

1. Service call mode dubbo yes RPC springcloud Rest Api
2. Registration Center ,dubbo yes zookeeper springcloud yes eureka, Or it could be zookeeper
3. Service gateway ,dubbo Not implemented by itself , Only through other third-party technology integration ,springcloud Yes Zuul route

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