I advise you , Never be a programmer !!!!!!

You know …

I'm willing to do it when I hear that ?
Let's keep looking down
Want to be a programmer “ must ” Wear like this

Secondary culture shirt in summer (T Shirt )+ slipper

Winter UNIQLO black down

What's the same in the four seasons is that it never collides with plaid
Four square Backpack

Not so ?
Then you're new , It's a rookie
One entry IT Deep as the sea , From then on, fashion is passerby

Many people think
Don't programmers tap the keyboard every day ?
It's simple , It's easy
Rangoose …
What you don't know
Programmers are like warriors every day
Entanglement with various forces :
product manager :
This demand has changed , Change to @#¥%……

boss :
How can it be like this here , You should balabalabala…

test :
Your program has BUG, This is the first XX One …
operate :
Can we do it better? No problem , I was scolded to death by users …

programmer :
What is it? ? Why? ? Change now !

Someone asked Kobe : Why can you succeed

Sometimes in order to catch up with the project
Office everywhere
such as

Do you think it's bitter
Don't think so fast
Compared with the following
It's nothing
What programmers fear most ?
Not afraid of cold and heat
Not afraid of sudden changes in demand
Not afraid to exist everywhere BUG
Only afraid
Object not found !
Object not found !!
Object not found !!!

Why are programmers single dogs ?
One word : life

Love of programmers
Or before we got into this business
Or after entering this business , No, then
Before we get into this business, we're talking about
High school and before
From university to work
University male female ratio 99:1
Male female ratio of colleagues 99:1

gradually , In the world of programmers
In addition to Chinese wolfberry
And will have more chrysanthemum for clearing away heat and reducing fire

Programmer's salary
you 're right High wages
What's the use
No girlfriend to help us spend
No time to go shopping and play
But it's a combination of eggs

Before I was a programmer
We are still delicate pork
After a year's work
We became greasy “ Balding uncle ”
Mingming 25 Body at
nevertheless 60 Organs of age
Because I stay up all the time , Change demand
Sitting in front of the computer all day typing code
I fell ill at a young age

Do you want to be a programmer after reading this ? Let's have a private chat if you want , I'll take you to the pit

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