A programmer was laid off years ago , Maybe it's a blessing in disguise , How to know the misfortune , By this time of being laid off , The programmer simply began to relax and enjoy life :12 Cut at the end of the month , Now every day, I pick up and send my children to buy food and cook , Lunch break , To be honest, it's not great wealth , It's just that it's a good day , I haven't had a rest before the Spring Festival for ten years , No pressure at all , I can go back to my hometown early to do new year's products with my mother , The previous Spring Festival was worried about taking too many holidays , It's not good to be on duty the first day , Worry about the project .

I have to call my boss to pay a new year's Eve , Wechat new year to colleagues , So as not to affect the relationship , It's different now , New year's greetings out of gratitude , Don't worry about something , Not in a hurry to get back to work , It summarizes the current problems , Continued payment of social security , And then it's gone , The rest of the job search , After the new year , What we do now is to make up for the debt we owe our family for so many years . Now look here , Are old and young men either dismissed or dismissed , My opinion is , Don't worry , Steady your mind , You can spend the new year , If you can't make it, just watch and go through the formalities slowly , It's your own , Not a cent , work overtime , annual leave , year-end , All can be won , Don't be afraid of arbitration , It's a big deal. I'm as laid off as I am .

I really can't , Don't force , Then take a rest , Look at what you want , What are the strengths , Summarize your selling points , Come back after the Spring Festival , Mindset is important , The more urgent, the less organized , Anyway, I wish you all the best , It's been a year , sit back , Don't be too hard , Rest is good , Adjustment completed , Next year we'll have the strength to move bricks, right ? Negative energy bursts here , So share my experience with you , All of me 36 La , Still so free and easy , What are you young people afraid of ?

Feelings for the programmer , It's important to have colleagues to express their mentality : At LETV , I was laid off when I needed money most , I went on a trip with the compensation , Thinking about the next life , Obstinately, he got a rise as a LETV 30% Big factory of offer, You know the employees of LETV at that time , Confidence is never given , It's made by myself , Come on, landlord ; Coerced , Take this time to have a good rest , This year's physical examination revealed a lot of problems , Take a long vacation for yourself ; I one 26 I don't panic when I get cut , Buy food and cook with my girlfriend at home every day , She's taking pictures. I'm watching the class , I feel very comfortable these days .

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