as report goes , Panasonic announced that it would close its washing machine and refrigerator manufacturing plant in Thailand . according to the understanding of , Panasonic produces washing machines and refrigerators in Thailand from 1979 It's been going on since , But this year 9 Month and 10
Production will be stopped in May , R & D base will also be closed . According to Panasonic's plan ,2021 year 3
Thai factories that produce washing machines and refrigerators will be closed in May , Production function transferred to Vietnam factory . Vietnam factory is the largest refrigerator and washing machine production base in Southeast Asia , Plan to export products from Vietnam to Thailand after completion of intensive production .


   After closing the plant in Thailand , about 800 Employees will be dismissed . Panasonic spokesman said , Will be based on their qualifications , Put some workers in other jobs .

   Panasonic will still have about 13,700 Workers are engaged in the production of small electrical appliances and batteries in Thailand .

   Released by Panasonic 2019 year 4 month 1 End of day 2020 year 3 month 31 Daily performance display , Sales realized by the company 74906 100 million yen , Year on year decline
6.4%. as report goes , Panasonic proposed to 2022 year 3 Up to 3 Cost cutting in the year 1000 100 million yen ( About RMB 67 100 million yuan ) 's plan , This adjustment is also a part of it .

   It is also understood that , Panasonic 2017 Air conditioning has been produced in Thailand since . At that time, the Nikkei news website reported that , The new production line has 50 Annual production capacity of 10000 sets , among 60% Products sold to Vietnam .

   In the domestic market , The proportion of Panasonic refrigerator and washing machine products is single digit . According to the online and offline monitoring data of Ovi cloud network ,51 Promotion period , The market share of Panasonic refrigerator online is 2.0%, Offline market is
3.3%. In the washing machine Market ,51 During the promotion period, the online proportion of Panasonic washing machine retail sales is 2.7%, Offline proportion is 9.0%.

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