According to the UK 《 New Scientist 》 Magazine website recently reported , A new study by British researchers finds , Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) And RNA (RNA) Key components of can be made from the same raw materials . It shows that , The first living things on earth may not be pure
RNA or DNA form , And it's a mixture of the two .

  DNA and RNA Vital to life , They are molecules that carry genes , These genes are passed on from parent to offspring . Although some viruses use RNA, But most organisms have genes DNA constitute .

   Many researchers suspect ,RNA First of all , As life becomes more and more complex , Develop manufacturing DNA Ability of , and DNA Final replacement RNA Become the carrier of gene .

  RNA and DNA The components of are called nucleotides .RNA and DNA All use one set 4 Nucleotides . each RNA Nucleotide correspondence 1 individual DNA nucleotide , The two are slightly different .

   In the latest research , Cambridge, UK MRC John of molecular biology lab · Sutherland and his colleagues made it out of simple carbon based chemicals DNA
Two nucleotides of . Before life appeared on earth , These carbon based chemicals may be abundant , Including cyanoacetylene , Each molecule contains only 5 Atoms , It's also common in the universe . Before 2009
year , The Sutherland team used the same chemicals to make it RNA Two nucleotides of .

   The Sutherland team will RNA Nucleotides and new DNA Nucleotides bind together , Got the whole set 4 Nucleotides . He said , The hybrid molecules based on the nucleotide set may be prior to the pure ones RNA or DNA
appear .

   Sutherland said :“ When we study RNA and DNA Time , Find them closely related , Our latest research shows that they are ‘ brother ’ Not ‘ father and son ’.”

   Camilla, University of Strasbourg, France · Moshofska said :“ This chemical reaction is really impressive , indicate RNA and DNA Possible coexistence .”

   Previously, some researchers found that DNA Evidence that may have formed early . that , The first life on earth RNA and DNA
How to work together ? Sutherland guess , This original genetic molecule is not pure RNA or DNA, It's half RNA And half DNA Put it together .

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