We often hear that such and such recruitment enterprises are quite exclusive from Java Trainees from training institutions , Later, when Xiaobian got to know the situation, they didn't reject it Java The trainees from the training institutions are the ones who think Java The practical ability of trainees from training institutions is relatively poor , The salary is not low, which is the reason. Just like many enterprises reject new students .

See a problem in Zhihu , Many programmers make complaints about the interview. , No training courses java programmer , Why on earth ?

There are several reasons ,

One :Java The curriculum vitae of the training class are almost the same , Project experience is the same , You copy me I copy you , Results ask about some specific technologies involved in the project , Ask mostly not .

Two : Fake resume , Some resumes clearly show the level of an intern , Two years of working experience , Pay well , As soon as I got to the company, I couldn't do anything , Problems encountered , Ask the company's development colleagues , Who dare you to ask for it ?

Three : Teacher helps interview , One interviewer said there was one Java The teacher in the training class pretended to be a student for an interview , Come back and do the interview well , Interview the students again , It's speechless , You said the interviewer , A good interview question for a month , The teacher leaked it to the students in one day , What do you think of the interviewer ,

Four :Java The quality of teachers in the training class varies from good to bad , Some teachers just graduated from the training class , I started to be a teacher , What good students do you think he can teach .

Five : A lot of technical background CTO Don't take part in the exercise 2 Ten thousand price Java training course , With this money , Why not study on your own ?

And that's it , I thought about it Java Confusion in the training course ,Java Training is an interdisciplinary learning it The low threshold of career change , Many non computer majors , In order to change careers , adopt Java train , Into the field of program development , no ground for blame , I'm willing to spend the money and time .

There are also undergraduate students majoring in computer science Java training course , Go straight in after you get out bat Big factory , The interview is not a problem , A resume can't be written as a training course , fierce , This guy's so smart , give the thumbs-up .

In fact, a lot of training java Students of the class , Not a hobby , It's about java Developed with high salary , Think you can get a high salary after graduation , Lead to high vision and low hand , program development , In fact, we should pay attention to an interest , Many college students majoring in computer have a strong interest in programming , Buy a lot of computer books , Code from day to night , self-taught Java than Java The training classes are working hard , But that's a small amount , But it's solid , Data structure and algorithm are no different ,

From the experience of the past , In fact, now learn about program development , No tuition , Now the courses and videos published on the Internet are enough for self-study , You taught yourself Java You don't have to finish two years , And the curriculum reference value is relatively high , The key is to cultivate interest in program development , Choose a language for beginners , Don't think java and c++ If it's a high salary, go to school , It's hard for these two languages to cultivate interest in program development , Half a year to a year is better for self-study .

see pdf book , Do all the exercises in the book after class , Then look online , Books from introduction to advanced level , Or video , That's enough ,csdn Top search pdf, A search 100 book , The book of computer technology , No need to buy , Trial and error cost is too high , Many books , No reference value , It's easy to buy it back , Lose effect , So look directly pdf, Find a bookmarked directory with full HD .

And now the computer books are expensive , a copy 50-100 Yuandu has , Students are not easy to bear , A search csdn It's all there , Read good books , It's OK to buy a paper collection to read or show off later , Some books are recommended by others , There are well written books , Exercise vision and practical ability , Type in the exercises or examples of the book after reading , The characteristic of programmers is that they can copy and paste , You can copy and paste other people's code skillfully , That code, even if it wasn't written by you , You have enough , Choose the ones that are suitable for you to get started with and those recommended by others , I don't believe the code of a dozen books goes down , No job yet !

So take part Java There is nothing wrong with the training , What companies hate is not Java The students who come out of the training class have no real talent , Students with fake resumes , This is what zero enterprises hate , If you attend Java After training and getting real Java skill , I believe that the enterprise will welcome you very much .

I'm learning java There are any problems in the process , Can join me Java Exchange and study in autumn qun: seven three two , three zero eight , one seven four , Communicate more , Help each other , There are good learning tutorials and development tools in the group . study java Any questions ( learning method , learning efficiency , How to get employed ), You can always ask me

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