Answers to interview questions : 1, Talk about you css Modular understanding     answer :     ①, Naming conventions ③,scoped attribute , Make modules independent , No mutual pollution   
 ②, Clear structure ④, Load on demand css 2, answer :undefined 10 20         analysis :   
  The first mistake is because the function is executed immediately to form a closure , Take the internal variables first , Take external variables if you don't have one     Inside here a Is a global variable , With variable promotion , 3, answer :
Developers added !important The style of will override the inline style 4, answer : most 5 individual tab , I won't support it html And no dom, No, webview, out-of-service a label , Packaging limited to 1m within
5, answer : Data driven view model
6, answer : 7, answer : to vue Tips , To track the identity of each node , Provide a uniqueness for each item , Use local reuse strategy 8, slightly 9, answer :
When the project uses keep-alive Time , Matching components name Cache filtering ,dom We need to use our own name, use vue-tools Time
10, answer : Determine whether there is a value , Filter out nonconformities , Remove empty characters | undefined | null , Array de duplication                 The original array will not be changed

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