Why don't many companies train programmers ? It's not you. It's not you

The most important role of training is not to develop your programming ability , It's just a good way for laymen to understand the basics of the programming world .

Through this process , So that you can understand the direction of your own efforts , It can improve the learning speed of a rookie , Get you started as fast as you can . Of course, it's just an introduction .( But most undergraduate schools can't even get started )

And then find a job , Combine with specific work to get faster promotion , Those are trained 1.2 ten thousand + The person with the above monthly salary will not tell you how much he has suffered and whether he is useless .

Training is just getting started , It'll keep you going , It is the thirst for knowledge and the reflection and precipitation in the lonely and silent night .

The white point is , The person who just finished the training is just a novice .

The teacher taught you a lot of tall things , As the capital of salary . But it's often a delusion , Think I know a lot . In fact, what the teacher taught you is just a gorgeous flower fist and embroidered leg , It's hard to teach you important internal mental skills . The thinking of the teacher , It's him in countless bug And the summary in experience . These take a lot of time to settle .

So the most direct embodiment is , Same business , The novice is talking about memory , practice . And people who understand are thinking , practice , performance , optimization , Simplicity .

As for the training , I've seen him work for a month or two, and I can finish the project alone , And the time to come out is shorter than expected , High completion and code specification . I 'll be able to bring my own projects soon .

This kind of person always keeps the thirst for knowledge, enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility , I believe that in the near future, he will become a God in the eyes of others .

I'll see you after the training , Keep the old set of tools , standard , Always using old code . He said it was familiar , stable , Reassurance .

No desire for new knowledge , But he always does the essential work well , How can you ask him , Evaluate him . This should be a competent farmer .

I've seen it trained , even for The cycle is not good , There's more data than two-dimensional, and the brain explodes . Let alone data structure algorithm

For this , I suggest you get familiar with the code for another two months , If you are more careful , And I like code , I believe you can try to finish the interface , build Bean Such tedious work , compare IT There are too many duplicate jobs in the industry , And make progress . If there is still no progress , Change careers .

And self taught , They have experienced the baptism of code and independent thinking . If low-level problems can't be solved , He won't have the heart to keep learning , This part , Actually, a lot of people have been screened . But I want to learn , It's going to get better , I firmly believe !!

I believe there is a lot to learn Java Our Taoist friends , Here I'll tell you about my group , Share a set of systematic tutorials , First of all 8851.84480, Absolutely dry , Whether it's big or small , Let's practice internal skill together !

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