<> Which laptop is suitable for programmers

* First, make it clear : Buy on demand , What suits is the best .
* requirement analysis : front end , back-end , Various work needs, etc …
* Computer selection :
In fact, we usually write some simple programs , Just install and configure the development environment , Any computer can run programs , But a good computer can be more efficient . Write and run programs at ordinary times , Large memory required , Now memory needs 16G Let's get started ;CPU It's better not to use the low-pressure belt
U Identified ,CPU The better , Faster calculation , More threads , It's better to run some multithreaded programs ; Solid state mandatory ,128G You can put in a system , Not enough ; Except for machine learning, the demand for graphics card is not very strong , See what you need ; Pay attention to the interface , Whether the interface is sufficient , Do you need any peripherals, etc , External display should also be necessary ; To sum up , And light , dissipate heat , These aspects . Personal recommendation MacBook,Windows,Linux Recommended by the next programmer ThinkPad
hermit ( Lenovo only recommends ThinkPad, Meidi's Lenovo is cheaper , So it's better to buy on behalf of others than to buy directly in China …);dell It's too expensive …dell Recommendations for xps series ; Huawei can also consider , Huawei matebook wait … All of a sudden, I found that the game book configuration is too much more violent than the frivolous one , Although it's heavy and thick … Game book recommends the spirit blade of thunder snake , It's lighter …
<> What about the computer configuration , The higher the configuration, the better

* CPU: framework , core , Number of threads , power waste …
* Memory : Must be big , see cpu Support ,ddr4, Maximum frequency …
* Solid state drive : Supported interfaces , for example nvme .m2 Interface , Reading and writing speed …
* Video card
* screen
* Interface
* Endurance
* Work and heat dissipation, etc …

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