0 Basic software test trainees need to find jobs “ Fake resume ” Do you ?

problem : A friend used to work in Civil Engineering , Unsatisfactory working environment and income , So I took part 0 Basic software testing training transfer , Four months of training , Now we are learning about automated testing , Soon to be ready to find a job , But a lot of people have mentioned to him that there needs to be some forgery in the process of making a resume , But from the bottom of his heart, he's very resistant to it , But the knowledge that I have trained for four months is far from that of a professional , But there is no way to have to fake some skills on your resume , In order to get a higher wage income , Now what he is puzzled about is that after being hired, he encountered many problems that he could not solve , How to deal with ? Resume needs “ forge ” Do you ?


answer : My opinion on this issue is neither for nor against , Resume “ forge ” You need to think about how well your abilities match what is written on your resume , It's not appropriate to exaggerate too much , On the one hand, there will be a great psychological burden on the interview in the process of job search , On the other hand, I can't easily assume the responsibilities of work after formal entry , There will be a lot of confusion . Therefore, there are several suggestions for making a resume at the end of the training :

1) At the moment when we decide to transfer from other majors to software testing, we must have “ The spirit of suffering ”, Everyone has their own values , If you don't want to accept a fake resume , I still think it's more important to have more real talents than fake resumes . Like functional testing in the software testing industry , Test management , Automatic modular design ,jmeter Interface testing and other basic concepts must be thoroughly understood , The sub problems under each problem should be analyzed and the relationship between them should be clear , Understand these theories .

2) Suitable for resume “ packing ”, But not “ Forgery ”, In other words, describe what you have learned in detail as much as possible , Communicate with more powerful people in the same industry , Skillfully combine theoretical knowledge with project practice .
What the company values is your completion of the work , Your attitude of being competent , So we don't recommend counterfeiting , Because it's cruel to myself , It can also be said to be a forgery of ability .

3) It's also important to do a good resume interview , Treat interviewers respectfully rather than timidly , Answer the interviewer's questions carefully , Especially when you don't understand something at all, don't pretend to understand it , I can tell the interviewer gently that I don't know the problem at present , Think about it when I get down , Even if the interviewee finally refuses , At the very least, honesty .

So as long as you can , Practice more , You can find a general job when you are familiar with it , Even if the salary is lower , Familiar with business process after entry , Exercise your ability at work , In this way, you can try to change jobs even if you don't raise your salary after one year's transfer , When you have enough working experience , Your resume is realistic. It's easy to find a job .


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