The continuous development of Internet industry , The programmer industry has become a representative of the highly paid industry . As long as you're in this business, the monthly salary is still small , But on the whole , The state-owned enterprises or famous enterprises will still regard education as a stepping stone .


Some advantages of Higher Education

1. Many job choices

Whether it's school recruitment or social recruitment , Most companies have educational requirements . Some companies if you're not 985 or 211 Of , You don't even have an interview . Enterprises can also say that our employees are highly educated employees when they publicize , So as to attract more and more talents , Education is here to give you potential advantages .


2. expand , Optimize communication circle

it is said that : like attracts like , birds of a feather flock together , In today's society , Contacts are one of the greatest assets . Highly educated people , In possession of rich knowledge , With a wide view , It's also because of the education effect , Accumulate a lot of resources , Circle and contacts , And here , It's the guarantee of the lower limit of life .

3, Career height

Higher education , Maybe you'll be promoted faster , We can see why , It's impossible for your boss to let a junior high school graduate or a junior high school graduate become a director manager , In this way, the overall level of other enterprises will lower you , He would rather have a college degree or above , In this case, his promotion opportunities are far more than yours .

Let's first look at the salary level and job stability of program developers with different degrees .


You can see ,6~10 The average annual salary of junior college students with annual work experience is basically the same as that of undergraduates .


according to 2018 Annual survey shows , Annual salary 5W The following programmers only account for 6.2%, And they're all in the same age 25 Under , Working years only 1-2 year ; Most programmers are paid at 9-30w, Average monthly salary reached 10k above ; Annual salary 40 The average age above 10000 is 36 year . The industry with the highest average salary in China , be worthy of the name .

of course , Education doesn't mean everything , If you have several years of work experience , Perhaps education will no longer be a major constraint on your development , But you need to learn to keep up-to-date with technology , Make a career plan for yourself , Which is more suitable for you , Choose a good career direction .

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