Xiaobian knows

Many friends have a deep desire to be the front-end bull

And there are many technical problems to be solved

Because the quality of various courses on the market is uneven

And want to master high-level development technology

It takes a lot of time and energy

So, Huawei HDZ Summit 2020

Special launch

【WEB Front end full stack developer growth plan 】

Don't play, don't dig , Just to help you solve practical problems

3 Months , Free study

Building the front end full stack skill system


What is? 【WEB Front end full stack growth plan 】

High quality front-end courses integrating Huawei's R & D experience , cover HTML/JavaScript/Node.js Equal core knowledge points ,3 Months to build the front-end full stack skill system for you , Help the front-end skills to improve rapidly , Towards full stack engineer !

◎ Suitable for people :

Stage I fit :0 Basic developers who want to advance ( student /0 Basic developers )

Stage 2 , Three suits : Want to fully improve the front-end technology framework , Developers learning Huawei's development technology

Registration time and address are as follows


Advanced learning , See who can “ The end of World War I ”

◎ Activity recruitment start :(05/25- End of activity )

◎Phase 1: Getting started with front end Basics (06/08-07/12 ~4 week )

◎Phase 2: Stepping into script and framework development (07/13-07/31 4~6 week )

◎Phase 3: Full stack advanced (08/03-08/31 4~6 week )

◎ Advanced examination : Practice assessment and certification (~1 week )


“ spoils ” Essential and quite generous

According to different classes , Prizes are different , The prize details are as follows :

Prize in kind

Million yards of beans

Ten thousand level voucher


Time and method of application

Specific activities , QR code below course and prize details identification

Poster QR code or read the original link

The activity has started one after another

What are you waiting for , Do it now ~

Long press recognition , Get involved now

Dear developers / cute girl , Sign up now 【 Full stack developer course 】 Instant delivery 300 Huawei cloud code beans and pre course ; also , We opened it specially 【 Full stack developer learning group 】, The point is to let everyone learn together
, Someone will help you out , Help you to check the gaps and make up the omissions , And Huawei's technology bulls are flying in groups from time to time , There are more surprises and advanced rewards waiting for nibeng ,~~~

Not in the group ? It's like hundreds of millions of losses , Quickly identify the QR code below or search 【 Huawei cloud assistant 01】 wechat number :hwcloud01 Let's take you to the learning group ~

Huawei cloud assistant 01【hwcloud01】

Last spoiler

HDZ Summit 2020 Other highlights of the conference

Huawei 11 Free experience of big cutting-edge products

And the developer Market

Participate in the Division 1 A good gift for a hundred million yards of beans

In addition, it can also win over Huawei Watch Bracelet

Read the original to understand

Let's have a good time together ~

click “ Read the original ” Get to know now HDZ summit an assembly

Tell me on the right “ Looking ”

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