With the coming of financial technology era ,Python Its influence in the field of finance is obvious to all . master Python Application in financial practice , It has become one of the necessary skills for financial technology professionals . 

Financial industry Python study , differ IT system development , We don't need to be programmers . however , learn Python It allows you to fulfill the requirements of a trading system written by one person , A real man as an army .

In quantitative trading ,Python It's a tool , Finance is Sense, It allows your ideas to be quickly implemented and validated . In the field of Finance Python It will inevitably involve the most important part of the capital market —— shares .“ The stock market is so charming , Attracting numerous investors ”, use Python To analyze the return and volatility of stock portfolio , It's a skill that every financial practitioner should master .

What we lack , It is applied in specific financial scenarios Python Experience of .
Adhering to “ Think what you think , And what you need ” Concept of ,6 month 30 Day and night 20:00,CSDN The theme will be “ use Python Building our own stock quantitative trading system ” Activities of , Invite senior Python Mr. Yuan Xiao, data analyst and Senior Project Manager “ Reading time · Meet code ” Live studio , Teach you to understand the operation of financial market in an all-round way , Deep insight into the working skills behind various posts , use Python Play trading system .

Interested partners , Scan the code to join QQ group , Let's talk !

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