The passive income generated by a person's assets should at least equal or exceed his daily expenses , If you enter this state , It can be called financial freedom . So if the programmer gets to financial freedom , Is it possible to enter retirement age ? Is that the case ? Let's have a look !

China's regulations , The retirement age for men is 60 year , The retirement age for women is 55 year . But with the introduction of new western ideas , Retirement is no longer limited to age , But when your savings reach a certain level , You will choose to retire . It is worth mentioning that , Retirement doesn't mean stopping altogether , It's about enjoying a freer life , Spend time with your family and your hobbies .

Programmer is a kind of work with both mental and physical strength , Because of the nature of the profession , There will be frequent overtime , So when the programmer's body expends too much skill , alopecia , Spinal strain , Face aging is a common problem . Many programmers spend ten or fifteen years accumulating a fair fortune , And then when it's done , Will relax , Enjoy life . It's like a machine , If you work hard all the time , Without stopping for maintenance , Sooner or later, the machine will be out of order . How much savings does it take to achieve financial freedom ? Everyone understands this differently .

MIT scholars William
Bengen Once put forward the famous 4% rule : As long as the first year of your retirement , Principal drawn from pension not more than 4.2%, After that, it will be adjusted dynamically according to the inflation rate every year , You can get a pension “ I can't spend it till I die ”. According to this Law , Suppose you spend it alone 1 ten thousand , One year flower 12 ten thousand , That is to say 12 ten thousand ÷4.2%=285 Million retirement deposits .

For programmers , How old is retirement OK ? in other words , According to their own requirements for economic level , How many do you earn 285 Wanhou , I started my post retirement life .

with BAT take as an example , among , The salary corresponding to Ali level is as follows :

Ali's non management posts are divided into 10 level , among P6,P7,P8 The largest demand , It is also the largest level of Ali .

Salary structure of Ali : Generally 12+1+3=16 salary , The bonus at the end of the year is 0-6 Months salary ,90% People can get it 3 Months , Stock is full of work 2 Only in , Take it for the first time 50%,4 We can take all of them .

Looking at Baidu's level distribution and salary distribution

Baidu has 4 ten thousand people , Annual recruitment of fresh technical product personnel 1000 About people , Mainly focused on T5/T6.

Baidu salary structure : a monthly salary 14.6(12+0.6+2), Monthly salary of other positions
14.T5 The above are key positions , There are also shares , option .T5,T6 The highest proportion level ,T8,T9 Minimum proportion . Higher level , The larger the width between each gear

Continue to see Tencent .

Tencent's rating and Alibaba / Baidu is different , Divided into T1/T2/T3/T4 common 4 level , It is subdivided into 3 level .

That's all BAT Salary details of the enterprise , How to 45 Financial freedom before the age of , This fund account , It's up to you !

at present , The first problem to be solved is , How to enter BAT enterprise ?

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