Many people find it difficult to recruit , Especially the face Java Development post . As a senior , I'd like to share my interview experience here today . Don't say a word to break the sky , But it's also a matter of experience .

It took me about a month to enroll at school , The most unforgettable part of the process “ Tiredness and joy ”, Finally, we received the offer, I'm still quite satisfied .



9 Monthly enrollment , But I 4 Only in May Java, So here we are 9 Month knows a lot of practical knowledge , But we haven't mastered the underlying implementation , In this case, I will take part in school recruitment , I have no idea . at first , In order to enhance self-confidence , I started running on campus ( University of forestry ) School recruitment enterprises of , I'm lucky , direct 100% Cut off the first winner offer. So the vision was broadened , The gall is fat . From then on, enterprises of all sizes , To be honest, I think no matter what kind of enterprise , yes offer Just chop , In this way, I will always be confident . So in the interview process , It's very important to keep a confident mind .

Secondly, we should use “ I will sign up for this company , I'd like to go ” To deal with every interview ( If you really can't see that company, don't go to the interview ), This will allow you to be proactive and prepared . In the process of preparation , You will slowly fill in the void of knowledge , Because the interview questions are almost the same , So I'm going to brush the interview book carefully ; It's especially important to note down the questions you don't understand in the written test or interview , Take care of him ! Or I'll regret it next time I meet you .




Let's talk about some things in the interview process , These are all in Sister Li's class , Thank you very much for the employment guidance Li gave us before enrolling in school , We can't talk much about specific dry goods here , If you need any dry goods like the interview book, please contact me with a message .

During the interview , Pay special attention to instruments and actions , It may decide where you stay . Let's talk about the interview experience of my signing company , In the process of Technology , I met several “ Great man ”, It's a joke , They are in the process of interview , There are many hand movements or some habitual movements , I also find that interviewers have been observing these behaviors , Because it's two interviewers , A question , One to record , One of my classmates just lay on the table , The interviewer looked at him several times , So in the interview process, we should refrain from all the habitual actions . Sit up straight , Don't lean , We must have spirit . And look at the interviewer when you talk , Don't feel embarrassed , If you're really embarrassed, just hold your roommate against him before the interview , Exercise exercise .

Second, the three aspects are also called HR Noodles , Before this interview, I suggest you visit the official website of that company , Get to know that business , Because during the interview , Interviewers will be more interested in whether you know their business , And to show that you're special ( Important things are to be repeated for 3 times ) Want to go to their business ( Whether you want it or not ), stay CVTE During the technical interview , I entered the interview with a green card , I feel discriminated by the interviewer ( The interviewer doesn't seem to like this ), So I asked a lot of field programming questions , Not very good , Finally, talk to the interviewer CVTE Have a good chat , Beyond the technical side , All in all 50 minute , The interviewer didn't dare me to ask questions . by the way , It's very important to go to the Internet to see other people's previous experience before the interview , May encounter the original question , That's all I have to say .




Along the way , Thank you very much, brother long and brother Tao , Brother long takes us in Java gate , Brother Tao accompanies us all the way , Give us advice , Taoge's revised self introduction really made me add a lot of points in the interview process , The resume has its own characteristics after being revised by Taoge , I really like Taoge's class , Apart from technology, it's technology , His voice is also very magnetic , I really enjoyed listening to him in class , Ha ha ha , You can see their introduction on the official website .

In fact, school enrollment is not as terrible as you think , I hope today's sharing will be helpful to the students who are facing employment !

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