unity3d It's like Director,Blender game engine, Virtools or Torque Game
Builder, Development with interactive graphical development environment , Also available Unity web player Plug in publishing cross platform games .unity3d What should practitioners learn ?

1, Be able to develop related programs of mobile phone software .

2, Not just Android , Now Apple system is also a big hit , Almost as good as Android . If you want to be IOS Application Developer , You need to know a lot , for example Objective-C language ,xcode Development environment, etc , Enough experience in using apple mobile phones and related products , Know the advantages and disadvantages of the product , In this way, we can communicate more effectively with people who need software .

3, Want to develop mobile software , The most basic thing is to have certain software development ability

4, Must have a good user experience

5, No technology, no development .

First, read some books on game development , Understand the basics of the game , Basic development method , then , Redefining the theme of development , What kind of game is it , And then go sit on the idea of the game , One way is to do the imitation program , One is to be completely creative . Design scenario , character , Tasks, etc .

With the popularity of mobile games , Game development talents in short supply , How to be an excellent developer ? master Unity3D Development technology is a link that cannot be skipped . With the development of mobile Internet , Increasingly popular mobile games . according to the understanding of ,Unity More than 300 ten thousand .

actually , Developing games is a very interesting thing , But it's a very painful thing . Development of mobile games , On the one hand, we need to master technology , On the other hand, we should pay attention to seize the opportunity . As for how to seize the opportunity , It's also very simple , Is to find a real high-quality learning class !

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