An Internet technology director once said : When recruiting programmers , Women have great advantages . But the ability is not so bad , We will ”, But it still doesn't attract people .
So it's not so much about programming for girls , Is it difficult for girls to learn , In fact, you should ask yourself how dare you choose , Want to stand at a higher starting point of life . Girls in pursuit of dreams , You can change your destiny by programming , Change the world !
1.  Can enter a circle full of opportunities of the times .

Learning programming , Become a programmer , That means your classmates , teacher , colleague , Most of my friends are from this circle . What kind of people and opportunities do you face when you enter this circle . And it's well known , Programming circle is a high-tech one , Good salary , Circle full of opportunities of the times . For girls , This is undoubtedly a stepping stone and a better springboard for a new world . 
2. Technology related industry is a relatively clean place .

The most hateful thing about work is the hidden rules . Industries with many potential rules , Generally, the nature of business is heavy , Occupations and posts with low technical quality . Technology related industries , Although more men , But it's all about strength , So the whole atmosphere is relatively clean . Not easily excluded and suppressed by the workplace . 
3. Girls with programming skills have more gender advantages .

some time , People who know programming are learning , More popular at work , Let alone girls , It must be more impressive . Whether it's looking for a job or at work , In an industry where women are in short supply , Gender advantage will give you extra points ,“IT It's almost the most non discriminatory industry for women !
4.  More job transfer options .

Because of marriage and having children , Most girls don't think of programming as a lifelong career , Transfer to test after certain age , product , Design , operate , Market, etc . Relative to other posts , The starting point of programming development is the highest , And it's much easier to go from a high starting point to a low starting point , For example, girls turn to tests , product , It's very easy to operate . So , Programming is a good starting point , It's easy to follow up .
5.  It's easy to be the best among peers .

When peers are still worrying about their livelihood , You may be well off . When peers are secretly happy that they have finally saved some money , You may have a car, a house, a deposit . Learning from the same starting point , Different majors , The results will be very different . In Hua Rui , Selectivity IT More and more girls , Except for the high salary , Besides good treatment , Easy work , Low risk , And decent work has a future , They choose to learn IT Reasons for .

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