User through domain name /IP Path to visit Vue New project of scaffold construction , What is the process of the visit ?


1. first First visited Vue Project's index.html file ; index.html Automatically loaded main.js file (Vue Global profile for the project );

2. main.js The file is Vue Global profile for the project , stay main.js In the file, we can see the introduction in the file ./App assembly ;

3. So the third step should be to visit APP assembly ; stay APP Component has <router-view/>; <router-view/> Points to the index.js file ;
import Vue from 'vue' import Router from 'vue-router' import HelloWorld from
'@/components/HelloWorld' Vue.use(Router) export default new Router({ routes: [
{ path: '/', name: 'HelloWorld', component: HelloWorld } ] })
4. stay router Directory index.js In document , You can see the configured routing object information

5. Finally, in the route, we see the root path / The associated components are HelloWorld, When we visit the root path , The displayed page is HelloWorld Content in component ;

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