“ what ? I beg your pardon .”

   Han Xia on the other end of the phone , Confused by Lin Xiao's sudden words .

  “ mum , You heard me right , I'm going to have a blind date !”

  “ Son , Did you get any stimulation ?”

  “ No, , I'm normal .”

  “ Normal. Why do you suddenly think of dating ?”

   When Lin Xiao heard the words, he cleared his throat , Seriously :“ mum , The ancients said that , There are three ways to be unfilial , Make the most of nothing , I can't just think about myself . Although you didn't say , But I know you must be in a hurry , That's why I'm in the net .”

  “ Be quiet . It's OK to have a blind date , But you can't think of it as one , Don't I'll introduce you then , You repent again , Make me lose face in front of my relatives and friends .”

   When Lin Xiao heard this, he clapped his chest and said :“ Take it easy. , mum , I'm on call , Just say hello .”


   That's it. , Lin Xiao began to enter the day of dating .

   however , A blind date , It's not what you want to look like , Find the right one , It will take some time .

   therefore , Lin Xiao had to hold on to the idea for a while , Once again into the rhythm of work .

   Maybe it's after Friday's relationship with Ouyang Xiao , Lin Xiao's melancholy spirit finally disappeared , After coming to work on Tuesday , Lin Xiao suddenly got inspiration , The problem of test paper generation that has not been solved for a long time , Finally, a breakthrough has been made .

   Lin Xiao has been trying before , Direct use POI All kinds of API generate word, But I didn't expect to generate it through the template , That day Lin Xiao suddenly found out ,XML Templates can be generated word Of , And pictures can be translated into BASE64 The format of .

   It made Lin Xiao feel like he had caught the straw , So many days of research , Although Lin Xiao didn't find a solution , But Lin Xiao found a very important clue , That's what's generated word Why the format is confusing , and word The picture inserted in has a lot to do with it , As long as he doesn't insert the picture , Generated word There will be no confusion about the format .

   And the XML How templates work , The picture can be changed BASE64 The way to insert it , Although Lin Xiao is not sure if this will solve the problem , But since the format mess is about pictures , Then insert the picture in another format , Maybe we can solve the problem .

   And how templates are generated , Obviously, it's better than direct operation API, It is more suitable for the scene of test paper network , In this way, if word The format has changed , No need to change the code , Just change the template .

   With this new discovery , Lin Xiao's work power broke out again , As for what happened last weekend , Now, Lin Xiao has left it nine days away .

   Proven facts , Technical issues , As long as the direction is right , In fact, it's not far from the final answer .

   After finding the right direction , Lin Xiao only spent one day , That's the solution .

   This also strengthened Lin Xiao's confidence once again , In a sense , This confidence is very important , It can often influence the success or failure of one thing .

   Because when you do things more successfully , You can do things later , It'll give you some kind of psychological cue , Keep your faith , Until the moment of success , Because you think you can make it . And vice versa , If you do things often , Over time , It's your habit to give up halfway .

   This fully reflects , The importance of confidence to people .


   The next few days , Because the most difficult problem has been solved , Therefore, the project of test paper network has made a breakthrough .

   final , From Cheng Gang put forward this project , Go online to the first edition , It took Lin Xiao less than a month , This also made Lin Xiao's ability get a lot of exercise again .

   The next days , Because the first edition of test paper network has been released , And then into the maintenance phase , Therefore, Lin Xiao's work gradually returned to mediocrity again .

   It also means , Lin Xiao's growth rate , All of a sudden, it slows down , After all, there are fewer challenges , So there's no chance to grow .

   But the corresponding , Because the pace of work has slowed down , So Lin Xiao has a lot more spare time .

   Sadly , As a bachelor , Even if I have more spare time , For Lin Xiao , It's just that you can stay at home for a while , Although Lin Xiao occasionally goes out at night , To the busy streets , Feel the city's night scene .

   But it will only make Lin Xiao feel more lonely , Fortunately, Lin Xiao is used to it , So apart from the occasional exclamation , I don't think it's wrong .

   In fact, for Lin Xiao , Such a life , He's quite satisfied .

   With your own hands , I have my own nest in Beijing , Farewell to the once out of print Samsung mobile phone , You can still have a balance every month , so to speak , This is the vast majority of new graduates , Dream of life .

   So in this period of time, though life is dull , But in Lin Xiao's heart , Still in a very satisfied state .

   Although the pace of progress in work has slowed down , But Lin Xiao has more spare time , It will also be studied frequently SSH frame , It also makes him understand these frameworks more and more deeply .


   This day , Lin Xiao goes to work as usual , I didn't find out until I got to the company , There seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the company .

   So after sitting down , Lin Xiao asks Cheng Jiali next to him in a low voice ,“ Brother Cheng , What's the situation ? What's wrong with that ?”

   Cheng Jiali takes a look at Cheng Gang and Xiao Wei's Office , Whisper :“ President Zhao is back from America , It's in the office right now .”

   When Lin Xiao heard it, he suddenly said :“ no wonder , What do I think is wrong . I've been here so long , This is the first time that Mr. Zhao has appeared , Is there something important to happen ?”

   They said here , Li Kui Shih came up and said :“ It's said that Mr. Zhao is back this time , It's to discuss our move with the head office .”

  “ house-moving ?” Lin Xiao hears the words and doubts :“ What house to move ?”

  “ It is said that our company , It's invested by a company called Hongshan , This company is very large , Thousands of people . It is said that Mr. Zhao's contacts were still relied on at the beginning , To find such a company to invest in , Now I hear that Mr. Zhao wants to discuss with each other to merge our company into Hongshan , Then we'll go straight to Hongshan to work .”

   Lin Xiao was surprised at hearing the words ,“ How do you know so well ?”

   Li Kui said with a mysterious smile :“ It's all Wei told me , In fact, these things are not secrets , Brother Cheng knows ?”

   Cheng Jiali shook her head and said :“ I only know that we are invested by Hongshan , But I don't know about moving to Hongshan .”

   Li Kui glanced at the direction of the office and whispered :“ I just heard from Xiao Wei the other day , Now Zhao zonglai has come to the company , I think it's true , Otherwise, Zhao Zongyuan is in America , What do you do when you come back from abroad .”

   Lin Xiao's eyes brightened after listening ,“ So to speak , Our company is going to have a head start ?”

   Cheng Jiali nodded :“ If it can be acquired by Hongshan , It must be better than it is now .”

   Lin Xiao thinks so , At present, there are more than ten people in the company , Business is not much better , In this case , Maybe one day it will go out of business , If it can be acquired by Hongshan , That's another layer of security , At least the stability must be improved a lot .

   And Lin Xiao is dreaming , If the team expands then , Can I be a fool , Think like this , Lin Xiao's face even showed a smile unconsciously .

  “ Well , Lin Xiao , What are you laughing at ? Mr. Zhao is out .”  

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