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From:Lei Jun

" Procedural life " What does this word mean , I didn't understand at first . The word comes from amateur BBS station , Stand up PROGRAMMER
This is the Chinese name of the column , It's translated from English " programmer ", But the life of a program has a lot more meaning than a programmer , It seems that there is a sense of vicissitudes . But no matter how much , Talking about programming experience is not a digression .

First of all, let me talk about my own way , In this way, maybe you can believe my honesty and the authenticity of my programming experience . These feelings are my personal feelings , Incomplete , Please correct me .

My life path of program

I'm not born into computers , I didn't think about the life of a programmer in high school . I study computer very occasionally , A good friend of my childhood chose computer major in college , In order to have more common language with this friend , I also chose the computer department , Start to step into the path of procedural life .

When I learned a little computer knowledge , I found that the computer will be my life's favorite . Reading , I'm not really a relationship guy , The relationship between students is not bad , It's not as good as that . I went to university in 1987 , We don't have professional courses until we are a freshman . When I'm qualified to fly , Finding the world of computers so wonderful , Just dive in . It was used at that time
Motorola 68000 ( amount to Intel 8088), 540K Memory for , Operational UNIX operating system , Eight people .

Sophomore PC, Another semester passed , Began to appear in the teacher's lab , Help with the work , At that time, there are still people who write RI
( A small tool to clear memory ). Another semester passed , Get in touch with companies off campus . Sophomore summer vacation , Formed with a friend Yellow Rose group , I wrote my first commercial software BITLOK
0.99. Later I started a company and wrote some software .

After graduation from University , Assigned to Research Institute , Not quite adapted to the atmosphere of the Institute . Transfer slot to Jinshan software company , Started a career as a professional programmer . Later he became the manager of Beijing Jinshan software company , But I'm still a programmer .

The feeling of programming
--- Programmers live in the realm of their imagination ---

As soon as I came into contact with computers, I found the beauty of computers , Computers are far less complex than people . If your program is well written , You can get on well with the computer , You can direct the computer to do what you want .

You're the absolute master at this time . Every time you sit in front of a computer , You are cruising in your kingdom . Such a day is like heaven .

The world in the computer is very big , Programmers live in the realm of their imagination . You can imagine every byte in a computer , Every bit of stuff .

--- I love programming , I'm sure I'll do it all my life ---

Many people think that programmers can change their environment until they are 35 years old , It's almost time for the brain to rest , The physical strength is not enough . And think it's young people's business to write programs , At a certain age , I don't think many people are programmers anymore .

When I was just a little bit on the level , I also think programming is hard , I want to do something else after I'm 30 . I discovered my ignorance when I was older . A man is twenty-one or twelve years old when he graduates from university , Maybe 25 when it's a little bit level , Then there's the wife and the kids and the house and so on .

When everything's done , Maybe 35 . If that's the case , We don't have to choose the path of life .

It is a long time for computers to enter China , But it's really large-scale , Or 1985 PC
Starting , As a result, people who really write computer programs in China have been writing for more than ten years ( I don't know if there are any such people ). Because the computer application time is relatively short in China , The main force of domestic development is young people under 35 . But that doesn't mean that programmers are as aging as pink beauties . The development of the United States and Taiwan is dominated by people in their 30s and 40s . At the beginning , We feel there is nothing we can't do ( We can still hear such heroic words now ), What's more, it seems that we are very smart , Especially suitable for software development , Much better than foreigners . When we really get in touch with outstanding developers , They're amazing , Have more than ten years of development experience . Although there are many young people who do a lot of good things , But the vast majority of products come from these rich developments
The hands of programmers .

Just graduated , Programming is more than a hobby , And it's become a lifetime job . I don't know what to write all day , It's really boring , I can't feel it , Very frustrated . later , only understand , It's all about putting in , The program will be conscious .

Writing programs is suicide , A great deal of energy, a lot of brain work . But I love programming , I'm sure I'll do it all my life , Although I didn't intend to do this one thing in my life . It's easy and difficult to program with a lifetime . If nothing is done , Write a program for the intersection , People who write like this for two lives have . But if you want to write a program with all your heart , It's not easy to write ten years . Now many of my friends wash their hands , Sometimes I want to " What kind of computer ,Windows
Isn't the outside world big ?". When facing the computer , An immediate epiphany : Computer is still the best thing to do , It's also the most convenient thing .

--- Advanced programmers are not the goal ---

Some people learn programming techniques , Is to make senior programmers as the goal of pursuit , Even a lifelong goal . Later, I participated in the real commercial software development , I'm confused , At a loss .

As long as a person has toughness and spirituality , Have the opportunity to contact and learn computer programming technology , You'll be a good programmer . Just started writing programs , People who learn more at this time write well , At the end of the day , We all went to a higher level , Who writes well depends on whether the person is careful , Resilient , Spirituality . Master more or less , We'll make it up soon . It's not difficult to be a senior programmer .

When I was in school , Senior programmers used to be my target , I hope my skills will be recognized by others . It turns out that no matter how advanced a programmer is, it doesn't work , The key is whether you can come up with ideas and products , Can your labor be recognized by society , It can create wealth for the society . Being a senior programmer is definitely not the goal .

--- Programming is more than technology , Or art ---

Some people think that programming is a kind of skilled work , Some people regard programming as artistic creation . The two opinions are hotly debated .

Let's change jobs , Masons should be skilled , Belongs to the workers , More art seems to be irrelevant . But it's these stonemasons , How many cultural relics are left for us , Leshan is like a giant Buddha , Mogao Grottoes and so on . It should be said that these stonemasons left us endless cultural property .

The modern software industry has a considerable scale , A lot of software needs to be completed by large regiments .

The first mock exam is accepted by a regular programmer. , Often it's just code , There is little room for play . In big projects , Many programmers can only understand the details related to their own modules , In addition, it is restricted by the development environment , It's really hard to realize that you're doing it " Art " create , More often than not, I feel that I am engaged in heavy physical labor . Sometimes I worry about the significance of the project I've been involved in , Is it competitive among similar products , Will it be developed because of the development of hardware , The replacement of operating system ...

I think the job of programming is similar to that of stonecutters , A lot of it is technical work, even physical work , But it's hard to write good software . Both ideas are one-sided , Programming should say that there are both properties . Programming is more than technology , It's still art .

Programming is a technical activity , It's possible to do it on a large scale , There will be software engineering . It is programming that is art , There are so many good products .

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