When Zheng Zhongke and Lin Xiao came to the classroom , Everyone has returned to their seats .

   Look at everyone's expectant eyes , Zheng Zhongke and Lin Xiao look at each other , Both of them tacitly showed a smile .

   With Lin Xiao back to his seat , Zheng Zhongke also came to the podium .

  “ Students , Today is the day of our project demonstration again . This is the second project demonstration , This opportunity , One less time after another , I hope you can cherish the opportunity to do the project , This is the best way to consolidate what you have learned .”

   Speaking of this , Zheng Zhongke pauses a little , Go on :“ okay . I won't say anything else , Let's start the project demonstration . At the last project presentation , The students in the demonstration were named by me , This time, in order to better promote mutual learning and exchange , Let's change the way .”

   As soon as I heard Zheng Zhongke said that he wanted to change his way to demonstrate , There was a whisper under the stage .

  “ No roll call ? Do you want to take the initiative ?”

  “ It shouldn't be . What if no one wants to go ?”

  “ Ha ! You really want to . To say the last presentation , Except for Zhang Jian and Lin Xiao , I don't think anyone wants to . But this time , Everyone is confident !”

  “ Confidence is right , But old Zheng didn't know .”

  “ So it is , Let's see what old Zheng said .”

   Hot discussion under Zheng Zhongke's stand , I'm not busy interrupting , But wait for everyone to be quiet , Said the smiling man slowly :“ Let's finish the discussion ? I'll talk about it after the discussion , How to demonstrate our project . As far as I know , This project demonstration , Our class is privately divided into two camps , Want to compete , Is that the case ?”

   Hear that , The students were shocked .

   The battle of the two factions , Even old Zheng knows !

   But I was shocked , There are some doubts in the hearts of all the people .

   How did Lao Zheng know about it ?

   Is it a tip off ?

   If so , Who told Zheng that ?

   What is the purpose of this man ?

   Such doubts , It's totally intriguing .

   Everyone is holding their breath , Waiting for Zheng Zhongke's next story .

   Good news , Zheng Zhongke didn't let us wait too long , No one answers their questions from the stands , Zheng Zhongke continued :“ Since no one answers , I'll take it for granted . You don't have to be nervous , My personal competitive spirit towards you , Absolutely .”

   Listen here , The students were relieved .

   Especially Zhang Jianpai , They are fighting for the two factions , It's very painstaking .

   If old Zheng doesn't like it , If it turns yellow , Then they are really going to spit blood .

   But at the thought of it , Zhang Jianpai's people are angry .

   In their opinion , Why Lao Zheng knew about the war between the two factions , In nine out of ten, someone informs .

   Who the hell is that , Actually poked this matter to laozheng !

   It's disgusting !

   Fortunately, Zheng is not against it , Otherwise , They just dug three feet , We need to find this man , Let him “Hello world” One thousand times, ten thousand times , To eliminate their hatred .

   On the stage , Zheng Zhongke looks at the reaction of the audience , Think it's time , And he went on :“ In order to make the game more fair , Let's not call the roll for this project demonstration , Five people from each side will take the stage to demonstrate , I'll decide the final result of the game . Students are right about this way , Do you have any comments ?”

   The students under the stage heard this , They began to express their opinions one after another .

  “ I have no problem !”

  “ I don't mind !”

  “ It's Fair ! Hurry up !”

  “ Yeah , teacher , Let's start selecting people .”


   From the voices of the people , Most people think about Zheng Zhongke's proposal , They all agree .

   But strangely enough , These people who talk , Without exception , All of them are from Linxiao school .

   And Zhang Jian , I don't even have a voice !

   As the sound in the classroom fades away , The people of Linxiao school have gradually discovered this .

   so , When the sound disappears completely , Almost everyone's eyes of Linxiao school , It's all concentrated on a few people of Zhang Jian's school .

   Just then , There is one person in Zhang Jian's school , Slowly stand up .

   This man is about one meter seven in height , Slightly overweight , When he got up , First, some arrogant glances at the people of Linxiao school , Then I turned my eyes to Zheng Zhongke ,“ teacher , I want to ask a question for our camp , When the other party demonstrates later , Can we ask questions ?”

   Zheng Zhongke's thoughts after hearing the words , Then nodded and said to the audience :“ Of course, it's OK to ask questions , This is also conducive to technical exchanges . But I have a few requests to make , First, the problem must be related to the project , We can't ask some irrelevant questions of high difficulty , Students who deliberately create difficulties for demonstration , Second, questions must be asked after the presentation , So as not to interfere with the ideas of the students , Third, we need to limit the number of problems , Up to three . So what do you think ?”

   Voice just dropped , There was a voice of approval under the stage .

  “ no problem !”

  “ It's Fair !”

  “ Teacher Zheng is powerful !”

  “ Proper !”


   No accidents , It's Lin Xiao's response .

   And the man Zhang Jianpai asked , After hearing Zheng Zhongke's request , First, I asked my own opinion with my eyes , Until everyone on his side has said no objection , He said something slowly ,“ teacher , I don't mind .”

   Look, the students agree , Zheng Zhongke also stood up from the stool ,“ Since there's no problem , Let's start the demonstration next . Give everyone a minute , One from each side . In a minute , Let's start the demonstration !”

   Zheng Zhongke's voice fell , Almost everyone's eyes , It's all focused on two people .

   One is Zhang Jian !

   And the other , It's Lin Xiao !

   Obviously , Both sides are waiting for their boss to speak .

   Zhang Jian's speed is quite fast , Almost without thinking, he said :“ Shao Wen , You go up .”

   subsequently , One of the Zhang jianpais stands up , Went to the podium .

   And this man , It's just that one , A somewhat chubby, haughty young man .

   i can tell , Zhang Jian for this Shaowen , I still trust you very much .

   On the other hand, Lin Xiao's side is quite different .

   People thought , Lin Xiao will soon choose someone to come to the stage , But the strange thing is , Lin Xiao meets everyone's eyes , Just a light smile , Didn't even say a word .

   So everyone was confused .

   What is Lin Xiao doing ?

   Everyone else has gone up , Why doesn't he say anything ?

   You can't be a counsellor ?

   And just when people were wondering , There is a man in the classroom , Has slowly stood up , Start walking towards the podium .

   See this , All the talents of Linxiao school suddenly realized .

   It turns out that Lin Xiao didn't choose no one , Not to say yes , They have been chosen for a long time .

   however , Think of it , We can't help being confused .

   Lin Xiao , When was the person chosen ?


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