What kind of talent is suitable to be a programmer . Now whether it's online or offline , There are more and more educational institutions , Fast programmer , I don't deny that there may be good lessons in it , Undeniable? , In today's society, programmer is a middle and high income profession , So more and more people want to be programmers , But what I want to talk about today is ,
Maybe not everyone is suitable to be a programmer , Or say , Being a programmer will have a good career development . So I think before you roll up your sleeves and decide to become a programmer , Before you spend money to study , Maybe we should think about it , Are you suitable for this occupation , Will there be a good development in this profession .

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Before we start talking , I want to explain first , My own computer knowledge was completely self-taught in the United States , I don't think I'm a very good programmer , Here are some of my own ideas
, There must be a lot of inaccuracies , There's something wrong , Also welcome more exchanges .

the ability to study independently :

This is probably the most important quality of being a programmer . The self-study ability here is not limited to reading a book , Or the ability of self-study through online courses . Because the industry is developing too fast , Many technologies , platform , Languages are constantly updated iteratively , So a programmer is always learning , Learning a new platform , Learning new languages ( programing language ), Learning new architecture , Wait, wait, wait . To be specific , Self study ability in this industry can be divided into two main points , One is the ability to search for answers , The second is the ability to solve their own problems through examples . One might think , Search who won't , How can it be counted . This is more about the initiative to search and solve problems , Let's take an example to illustrate this problem , I brought a new guy before , He'll say it for me A How to solve the problem , I'll tell him to use it tool
B, He'll say yes , And it didn't take long , He came back and asked me tool
B How to use it . It's not only impossible for such a programmer to do well , They will be bored to death by their colleagues and leaders . A programmer , There should be a general direction for you , Or when no one tells you the general direction , By searching , Ability to solve problems step by step , But every step you can find , Basically, it can't be all about your problems , You have to look at other people's problems , Other people's solutions , To quickly try to solve their own problems by analogy . For example, in the answer to the self-taught computer , Mentioned several Berkeley courses , There's a course number and youtube Links to , However, many people asked me how to climb over the wall , Others say that the problem that links used to have copyright is limited , Ask me what to do . In this case , You can't think of going to the evening to search the course number for a new link , Or go to the wall climbing tutorial , I think , You're not really a programmer . In the process of programmer's work , There are all kinds of problems that no one has solved , If someone gives you a general direction , You should be grateful , It's impossible to expect someone to take you step by step to solve this problem , If someone wants to take you like this , What else do you need .

imagination and creativity :

Some people think that programmers are mechanical jobs , It's not , Many times , What programmers are doing is using their brains to come up with clever ways to solve problems . A simple example , This is a common interview question on the Internet , Although it's impossible to appear in real technology now , But I think solving this problem can be seen as a microcosm of problem solving in a programmer's work ( Of course, the problems in real work are complicated , It's a lot harder ). for example , Here you are 5 Ascending sum 3 A litre cup , You only have these two cups , Ask you how to measure accurately 4 Litre of water . This question , It's not like solving physical or mathematical problems , You can use logic to push it out step by step , It's more about using little brains , Qiaosi . It's the same when programmers solve problems at work , Many times there is no fixed formula , And the tools in your hands are those , But you need to be able to come up with new ideas and use existing tools to solve problems . That's why , Even if you work hard , Learn professional knowledge again , Not necessarily a good programmer . In a nutshell , Programmers don't have deep knowledge reserves like scientists , Solve problems with strict mathematical calculation , It's more like using tools skillfully , But craftsmen who often need little cleverness and brilliant ingenuity to solve problems .

patience , Reasoning and analysis ability :

debug, It's a job a programmer can't avoid , The best programmers will write bug,
No amount of testing can be avoided bug The emergence of , Excellent programmer , Rigorous testing , It will only decrease bug The emergence of . A big one IT Products of the company , It's usually a product of hundreds of programmers working together , You can think of a program like this as a piece of connected water pipe , And users , It's just the people who use the water at the tap , Each section of water pipe , It's all made by different groups , Every programmer , It's just part of the plumbing . Many times , When a bug When it appears , It seems that the tap is running out of water , It's hard for anyone to tell which part of the water pipe is wrong , As a programmer , We're going to start looking for a needle in a haystack . of course , It can't be really as slow as looking for a needle in a haystack . The basic approach is , You make a hypothesis , What do you think is possible , Then change the program , Verify your judgment , Sometimes it's good luck to find a problem , Most of the time , can't find , But there will be some changes in the process after you make the adjustments , These changes , That's what you're going to do next , Make logical reasoning based on these bases to generate the next hypothesis , Many times debug You can do this step by step , Finally find the root cause of the problem . But sometimes , You'll walk like a maze , No clue , This time , You need to be patient , In time pressure and frustration Keep calm , Continue your logical reasoning and analysis , This time , It's often the hardest time to be a programmer .

Speaking of this , Maybe you understand , Why a profession like Manon is not suitable for everyone , If you have the above characteristics , also enjoy Do such a job , So you're a good programmer , But if you don't have the ability , Or hate to do such a thing , Before you put in your energy and time to be a programmer , Let's see what other options we have .

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