A lot of unskilled people , Are envious of the big bulls who make technology , in especial IT Technicians in the industry , It's very popular , For example, the position of programmer has always been the dream of many people .

Internet technology jobs tend to pay more than other industries , But the actual programmer's work is not as bright as you think . Here are some old programmers who will explain to you the current situation of the real Internet technology industry .



first , Software development industry , Many are small companies , Often a company has only 2-3 Programmers , So it's not easy to find a programmer's job , Often a programmer is fired , It will be very difficult to find counterpart work in the short term . It's not like selling , Large demand , Many sales companies have hundreds of employees in one department , And long term recruitment . Software companies need fewer programmers , Basically no recruitment for a long time , There is a brain drain , Often through familiar relationship channels . So it's hard for programmers who are engaged in software development to find jobs .

second , Although the number of software development companies is small , But it doesn't mean there's less , On the contrary, there are so many things , It's often one person doing many things , It's very high for programmers , Require programmers to be professional , At the same time, they must be generalists , And he's the leader of the fire brigade , Because it's a routine BUG, Software on line BUG We need to fix it right away , Even in the middle of the night 1,2 spot , The boss will call you to fix it BUG



Software development company , Overtime is a common practice , Customers are all asking the software to go online as soon as possible , Seize business opportunities , Not if it's slow . So the boss of the software company is basically in the rush period for a long time , And the software development variables are large , Sometimes customers ask for a new feature , The customer thinks the new function is very simple , But in technology, it's hard for programmers , Because some functions haven't written such code before , The company code base has not been stored , So let the programmers study it over and over again , Trial and error , The difficulty , Exaggerate a little , It's like Edison invented the light bulb , Thousands of trial and error to succeed . And more importantly, it should be completed in the time that customers are expensive , So all programmers can do is work overtime , Working overtime to death .

So programmers don't have their own private space , So a lot of programmers are single , Programmers live like migrant workers with white-collar wages , So many people call programmers who write code :“ Manon ”!

third , Programmers need to have strong learning ability , Because the software industry is updating too fast , This requires programmers to keep learning new knowledge , Nothing can be done without learning new knowledge , It will be eliminated naturally . For example, game development engine
unity3D, Update every few months , And game developers have to keep learning unity3D New technology of , Otherwise, it will not be available , If you don't study for a year unity3D new technique , You may face it like a rookie unity3D Not at all .



Compared with the traditional industry, technology changes not so fast , Always learn once and use for life , For example, drivers only need to learn driving skills , Can be used for life , Because the driving technology of the car will not change for decades . But the software industry is the opposite , Change too fast , You have decades of experience in software development , Not as good as a novice , Because novices often learn the latest technology , And old programmers use the old technology of the past , It's like a horse drawn carriage can't run a car , The advantages of new technology are too obvious .

So many companies 35 Programmers over the age of , There's a reason , because 35 People over the age of , I don't want to learn new technology , Such a person is basically a dried up dead wood , No more use value .

Huawei was previously rumored to be dissuasive 35 Technicians over the age of , As you can imagine , Be a programmer if 35 year , Cannot transfer to management position , Then you're waiting to be fired !

fourth , The success rate of programmers' resignation and entrepreneurship is very low . Many people see Ma Huateng , Robin Li , Lei Jun , People are programmed , They all quit and became successful , But a lot of people don't count probabilities , These are shiny IT Entrepreneurial star , It's always a low probability event ! Less than winning the lottery .



We used to say that the salesman was the nearest to the boss , That is to say, the success rate of business startups is much higher , It's still like this . There's a reason , Think of you as an entrepreneur , Comprehensive ability is required , Not a specific technology . In time like Ma Huateng , Robin Li , Lei Jun didn't continue to work as a technical post when he became the boss himself , And I turned to management .

People who do technology often lack management ability , Also lack of marketing ability , Just like Ma Yun's marketing ability is far stronger than Ma Huateng's , Robin Li . The comprehensive ability to do business is far better than that to do technology . There are, of course, a few exceptions , I'm talking about most situations here .

So many old programmers , Did it 10 After a few years as a programmer , But I don't see the front , So many old programmers tell you , If there's another way , It's better not to do technology for a lifetime , Especially software development technology .

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