There are many courses in University software major , Some students don't know what the key points are , The following is the author's experience , Serious and important courses :

1,C language
Very important , As an entry-level language to learn programming , And the father of many popular programming languages .

2, Data structure and algorithm
Very important , It's helpful to have a deeper understanding of something in the future , even if it is Java A lot of data structures are encapsulated , But take this course , Deep understanding of performance ;

3, Principle of computer composition
commonly , Let's learn ;

4, Compilation principle
commonly , Let's learn ;

5, Database principle
Very important , It is helpful to the database design of the system in the future , High level of station ;

6, Operating system principle
Very important , For future technology , And levels help ;

7, computer network
commonly , Let's learn ;

8, software engineering
very important , Familiar with the whole software development system , It can directly affect the career of a technician ;

9, Computer English
very important , Some losers don't value it , This is really important , When we learn some new technologies in the future , Sometimes there are few Chinese resources , Learning at this time , Basically, I read the official English documents directly , If English is not good , It's going to be tough ;

10, English

very important , This is different from the computer English above , Computer English is mainly the translation of some professional words into Chinese ; And in English , It's a broader concept , At least 4 level , best 6 level . Read basic English technical books in College , I recommend
Head First series , as well as Thining in Java;

That's what I think is important 10 Courses . You can refer to the following .. There can be omissions , You can comment . Discussion and exchange .

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