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branch , China's Long March 3B carrier rocket in Xichang Satellite Launch Center , The 55th navigation satellite of Beidou system was successfully launched , And the last global networking satellite of beidou-3 , So far, the deployment of beidou-3 global satellite navigation system constellation has been completed half a year ahead of the original plan .

   Here is the moment when beidou-3's last networking satellite opened its solar wing in the sky :

   according to the understanding of , The satellite launched this time belongs to geostationary orbit satellite , After a series of in orbit tests , China will carry out the whole system joint debugging and test in Beidou , To ensure stable and reliable operation of the system , On the basis of excellent performance index , Select machine to provide all day time for users , all-weather , High precision global positioning navigation time service , And star based enhancements , Short message communication , Special services such as precise single point positioning .

   Data display ,1994 year , Beidou satellite navigation system started construction .20 Over the years , In Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China has jointly organized 44 The second Beidou mission , Using long march 3A launch vehicle , Successively
4 Beidou-1 test satellite ,55 Beidou-2 and beidou-3 networking satellites are put into the predetermined orbit , Task success rate 100%.

  2000 year 10 month -12 month ,2 Beidou navigation test satellite launched into the sky , Constitute Beidou No.1 navigation system .

  2003 year , Launch another geostationary satellite , Further enhance system performance .

  2012 year , Built by 14 Beidou-2 navigation system composed of satellites .(5 Geostationary navigation satellite +5 Tilt geostationary orbit navigation satellite +4 Medium circle earth orbit navigation satellite ).

  2019 end of the year , Our country has launched 28 Beidou-3 global networking satellite .(1 Geostationary orbit satellite ,24 Medium earth orbit satellite ,3 Tilt geostationary orbit satellite ).

  2020 year , complete 30 Satellite launch networking , Beidou No.3 system has been built in an all-round way . Beidou system 3 expands its service scope to the world , Can provide global users with superior 5 Positioning service of meter precision .

   at present , Beidou navigation system (BDS), U.S.A GPS, Russia GLONASS, european union GALILEO
Parallel as the fourth global satellite navigation system . More than half of the countries in the world begin to use the Beidou System .

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