At school , A schoolgirl took advantage of the long holiday to get together with her boyfriend . It's said that she took a hard seat for more than 20 hours , The students couldn't help saying something : If I were her boyfriend, I would buy her a sleeper !

   I didn't expect this to reach the classmate's home , It made her sick . Although happiness depends on everyone's own psychological adjustment , But I also need to learn not to disturb others' happiness .

   There is a stall on the side of the road , The stall is for a middle-aged man . A middle-aged man came to deliver rice by bike . As soon as he got out of the car , I'll smile apologetically , I'm sorry , It's late , Hungry ?

   Woman looks up , See men , There was a flash of light in my eyes , Laughing , Not in a hurry , It's still early . The man laughs innocently , Take out the lunch box from the bicycle basket , Sitting next to a woman , say , Eat it , Don't get cold , Let me eat with you .

   At this time , In front of the stall came a middle-aged sister-in-law , She stroked her head and reached into the woman's lunch box , Make a cry of surprise , oh dear , My big sister , You're suffering , What kind of food are you eating , There's no oil or water at all , How can I eat this . after saying sth. , I can't stop sighing , A look of sarcasm on his face , Twist the fat body away .

   Woman with lunch box in her hand , Staring at the back of the fat woman , Tears filled my eyes , The tears were falling in the box of rice . The eyes of the man beside me are red , Lunch box in hand , No more fun to eat . The atmosphere around us seemed to solidify , It's breathless .

   My son went to College , Although it's an ordinary university , But the whole family is still very happy , I don't feel sorry at all . The father said to his son , Son , You're better than your father and mother . I only went to the third grade of primary school , Your mother just graduated from primary school , You are the number one in our family . The son smiled shyly . It's a sweet smile , Very comfortable .

   The whole family is in a happy and joyful mood , Took my son to the station to school . suddenly , Someone gave him a pat on the shoulder . He took a look , It turned out to be one of my acquaintances , To send my son to school . Asked acquaintances , What university does your son go to ? He just named the school , There was a look of surprise on the acquaintance's face , say , What kind of university did your son go to ? It's no use going to that university , The college graduate couldn't find a job at all . My son is much better than your son , He was admitted to a famous university , Graduated , Other people's units are scrambling for help , At least eight thousand a month . A look of contempt on the face of an acquaintance , Say it, turn around and go .

   They look at the back of the family of acquaintances , His eyes darkened . The happiness and sweetness of the family just now , A barrage of questions and answers from acquaintances , all gone , heart , From hot to cold . Look at the handsome son again , My eyes are full of tears .

   Don't disturb others' happiness , Happiness is also a person's privacy . What you see in your eyes is a kind of suffering , Maybe it's a kind of happiness in Bieren's heart . This happiness , It's not about glory or wealth , No reputation status , Relevant , It's just a kind of telepathy and tacit understanding . This happiness , It's like flowers are blooming , Silent , But it will be fragrant , In each other's heart , Ripple , It becomes a kind of eternal and everlasting life .

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