Some people say , Nine years of self employment , Monthly salary is less than 5000; Some people say , My annual salary is over ten thousand , Want to earn more than ten thousand a month , It's more likely to buy lottery tickets .

actually , What's worse than a monthly salary of less than 10000 yuan , A man has no hope of earning more than ten thousand a month .

Want to know if a person can earn more than ten thousand yuan a month , The easiest way : It depends on how he spent his holiday .

* To widen the gap between people Never a vacation
For many people , The holiday time should be wasted .

Have a friend , Tell me before last year's 11 , Want to visit Yunnan . When we get back , We sat together and talked , Only to find out that he went to Yunnan on November 11 , Not even Guangdong Province .

I didn't know until I asked it carefully , His whole holiday , Are preparing for the trip : I want to go to Yunnan before the 11th , You don't want to buy a ticket until the day off , As a result, the local characteristic accommodation has been vacated .

We can only change places , And they're constantly rejected : I'm sorry , We don't have a room . When he finally finds the right place , It's only half of the vacation .

A lot of people do , No plan , Not ready , I think the holiday should be wasted .

There are many kinds of emptiness :

Some people watched one at ease 《 Reconnection 4》, Moved , There's also a lot of conversation with friends . Some people have no plans , Go to the cinema slowly , Find out that mieba has been beheaded . I have to say : indifferent , I'm looking at special effects .

Meet a so-called “ Hard core girl ”, Her vacation is a real waste of time .

Prepare from the week before the holiday : Home stay , plane ticket , Scenic spot tickets , Local snacks , Various schedules , all kinds of work , no matter how big or trivial , Even one morning to sleep in , In the afternoon, when there are few people to go to any scenic spots, they are clearly listed . Look at her holiday schedule , Just one “ Efficient travel during small and long holidays ” Top level strategy of .

The best part is , She wrote a travel note while there was a traffic jam , Attach your own strategy , Sold to a famous travel website in China . The vacation is not over , Half of the money spent on holiday is earned .

This is the real holiday .

It's not just work, it's preparation , Holiday also needs . An unprepared holiday , The biggest disappointment of the holiday . Time cost , It's Fair for everyone . More powerful people , Value time more .

Can open the gap between people , Never a vacation , It's the attitude and method of the holiday .

* Work requires full commitment Holidays, too

I have an employee , I always hope that I can use the corner to overtake during the holiday , So whether it's May Day , eleven , Spring Festival , Or weekend , He used to study . Normally speaking , He works so hard , What you learn should be reflected in your work efficiency very quickly , But he didn't .

The harder he studies , The worse you get to work , The less efficient you are . Don't talk about overtaking on a curve , I can't even reach the normal speed . Then one day , His supervisor can't stand it , To ask a question , We know why :

Because I want to improve myself , So he arranged a lot of study plans for himself . But at first , Just thinking about the movie to be shown ; Went to the cinema , And I feel guilty for not completing my study plan .

actually , This is also a common problem for many people : unable ALL IN( Fully engaged ), The end result is , Learning is a mess , Rest is uncomfortable .

learn ALL IN, It's about enjoying the moment , Full devotion . Only to do it wholeheartedly , You can afford the time you spend .

Understand? ALL IN After the importance of , This employee of mine has adjusted his holiday schedule :

On the new schedule , film , night snack , The party finally got its place in peace ; study , read a book , At last, the plan of further study can continue without any resistance .

This schedule doesn't stop him , Instead, he was filled with oil , Let him overtake on the curve , Embarked on the road of promotion and salary increase .

The balance of time does not lie in having more time , It's about the quality of time . even if it is ALL IN A holiday of rest , It's far better than a confused study holiday , More meaningful .

* Looking at overtime from another angle
Working overtime is a topic that can't be avoided by professionals .

Overtime during holidays , What's more, we are not willing to face . however , the fact is , Few people with high salaries can not work overtime .

Remember the day Lu Han announced his love , Weibo was once paralyzed , Later, it was a programmer who happened to get married that day who stabilized Weibo .

Getting married and being interrupted by work , It's a lot more annoying to be interrupted than a holiday , But this time , If not dealt with immediately , The consequences are unimaginable .

actually , This programmer can choose not to work overtime , Make complaints , cope with , Just do it 60 branch , The result of this , In return, we can only laugh at Weibo :

Ah , This server , To talk about collapse is to collapse .

He can also choose to face it positively , Turn it into a holiday or even a wedding episode , Do your best . This is the result , Is that we will treat him , To Sina Weibo 100% The affirmation of :

“ Love programmers . But I have to say , Sina's employees are so awesome .”

Overtime is a pain now , Look at the beautiful things in the future . It's like we miss our senior three , And the most desperate years of my life .

Work with dissatisfaction , It's better to adjust your mind , Look at overtime from another angle . Because behind all the high salaries , It's all about working hard .

of course , This is not to encourage people to work overtime , It's right “ work overtime ” The mentality of .

“ Young time , Never in a hurry and irreversible . It is the most precious treasure in the world . It should also become the soil of self increment .” One takes a vacation and forgets , People who put work and learning promotion behind their heads , It's likely that he is also a careless person at work .

He gave up his conscientious choice , He gave up the chance to overtake on the corner during the holiday , So he's going to get further and further away from promotion and pay rise .

A house is not swept , How to sweep the world ? Crazy on holiday , How to talk about success ?

I really want to thank those who have a bad holiday , Let the chance of promotion and raise come out . People who have a good holiday , Never worry about monthly salary .

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