A lot of people say that the industry of programmer is to eat the youth meal , Why is there such a problem , Do programmers really feel 30 Are you retiring at the age of , Or must we change careers ? Aren't programmers just typing code , Can't you knock code when you're old ? Don't we all say that programmers rely on experience , The more experience , Isn't it the richer the technology ? As a person , There's nothing wrong with sex today , Let's talk about this topic with you .

        first , Let's talk about why there is such a rumor , Why is there such a saying .

A lot of people have been working in this industry for a long time , From college to 30 At least at the age of 6,7 Years on , A lot of people will be bored after they have been in the industry for a long time , I want to change my industry , Try a new job , Of course, there are risks , So many people are close to each other when they change careers , Such as operation and maintenance , Making products , Do education , Of course, taking the management route is also , These are easier industries , Basic risk is small .


        the second
Many development companies work overtime , It's late to go home from work at night , I have no time with my wife and children , Besides, I can't bear to work overtime and stay up late , I can't do it. I've ruined my health , And most programmers are too lazy to exercise , Fitness people , Irregular work and rest time , last 30 How can a year-old survive 60 Old man , That's why many people say programmers are balding ( I want to make it clear that all programmers are balding , At least I keep my hair intact ), I have to grieve for these people here 3 second . In the end, I can't even get a wife , There are many people who can't even speak , The ability of expression has reached the primitive society .

It's just a lot of the company stuff , Less technical , Think the company is the one who can provide for the aged , Technology can't do anything else , Salary is not good , It's very Buddhist , Got mixed up in this business 6,7 year , I can't stay any longer , There's a lot of pressure , The hope of the wife and children , At last, I chose to change the line , The reason for leaving finally is that the company doesn't need such a person , But let's think that even if we fight for breath, we won't get so bad .

In fact , It doesn't mean that programmers really want to eat the youth meal ,30 You have to change careers after you're old , Think about it. It's these people themselves , Young people are not willing to fight for strength , Not willing to accumulate energy , A man of real skill , Think the company can let go , Is the high salary still poor , Unless the company really goes too far , Treat meritorious officials badly , How about killing the donkey , I don't strive to be ahead , How can we blame others .

Of course, overtime , Stay up late. It's all there , But other industries are not easy to do , Those executives , Rich professional manager , Which one is not hard , And it's the same in other industries , Even though the boss squeezes , But I really want benefits. Okay , Except for civil servants , Otherwise, the salary is very low , The so-called posterity , This is not fake .

And of course, there are many people who are willing to try new industries , Willing to challenge , Try a new start. There's a lot . in general , Do programmers really eat youth food , Not an introduction , Experienced , Capable people , High pay , Who wants to go .


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