“ Students , This project demonstration is over . For the results of this demonstration , I am very satisfied . Especially the last question , Everyone responded very well . I can see , This time, all the students have worked hard , It's very rare . to this end , I ask the students to raise their hands , Warm applause for your efforts .”

  “ make love ......”

   There was thunderous applause under the stage , People's eyes are full of fighting spirit .

   i can tell , Zheng Zhongke once again succeeded in instilling a tube of chicken blood into everyone .

   however , After the applause faded away , Zheng Zhongke suddenly said :“ okay . next , That's the last part of the day . That is , Announce today's contest .”

   When I heard that , Everyone under the stage raised their ears , Waiting for Zheng Zhongke to announce the result without saying a word .

   After a few seconds or so , Zheng Zhongke coughs softly , Slowly said :“ After careful consideration , The result of today's competition is ......”

   And that's it , Zheng Zhongke stops intentionally , It's a big deal , I just spit two words out of my mouth .

  “ it ends in a draw !”

   After hearing the results , There was silence for more than ten seconds .

   Obviously , Everyone was surprised by the result .


   Linxiao school .

  “ What did Lao Zheng say ?”

  “ It's even ?”

  “ Those people Lin Xiao chose , Even with the other side ?”

  “ It's a surprise , I thought I was going to lose .”

  “ Isn't it !”


   Zhang Jianpai .

  “ what ? it ends in a draw ?”

  “ It's so flat !”

  “ I've been busy for a week ! I'm busy now ?”

  “ I don't agree with Zhao Ritian !”


   Zheng Zhongke talks under the stands , Said with a light cough :“ okay . Please be quiet .”

   With the voices of the audience disappearing , Zheng Zhongke continued :“ This competition , I've seen everyone's progress . in my opinion , That's enough , Everyone is good . in addition , I also want to remind students , In the future your life path , Your biggest competitor is no one else , It's you . From this point of view , Everyone is the winner today , Because you've all conquered who you were yesterday .”

   Everyone under the stage heard this , I can't help but feel excited .

   Zheng Zhongke is also very satisfied with this , At the beginning, he agreed to Lin Xiao's suggestion , I want to borrow this project demonstration , To improve the students' learning motivation .

   And now it seems , The actual effect is better than he imagined .

   Think of this , Zheng Zhongke can't help but smile to himself , Then he said to the audience :“ okay . The second project demonstration is over here , Everybody's probably hungry , Go to dinner .”


   After Zheng Zhongke left , Except for Zhang Jian and Lin Xiao , The rest of the students didn't leave immediately .

   Zhang Jianpai's people get together , I don't know what I'm talking about , And the people of Linxiao school , It's the five people who are going to demonstrate on stage , Surrounded by the regiments .

  “ Come on !”

  “ Yeah , Honest account !”

  “ Why is Lin Xiao looking for you ? When did I find you ?”

   Zhu Hua's embarrassment ,“ Lin Xiao won't let us talk ! You'd better ask Lin Xiao .”

  “ crap . If we dare to stop Lin Xiao , Do you still need to ask ?”

  “ Lin Xiao has gone , What are you afraid of ? Come on .”

  “ Yeah ! Anyway, today you five don't tell me , We won't let you go .”

   Five people in the demonstration looked at each other , All of them are helpless .

   After a standoff of about ten seconds , Among the five people surrounded , In the end, one person chose to compromise .

  “ Come on, come on . I said !”

   Zhu Hua stops at once :“ Zhang Yong ...... We promised Lin Xiao ! You can't talk, you can't count !”

   Zhang Yong is helpless ,“ Look at them , What we don't say , It's estimated that everyone will starve to death here today .”

   Zhu Hua looks at the eyes of people around him , Finally, I chose to surrender .

   Although he wanted to be a loyal man , But I can't be a starving ghost .

   See Zhu Hua stop , Zhang Yongqing cleared his throat and said :“ Actually, Lin Xiao found us two days ago , The competition of our project demonstration today , It's probably Lin Xiao who planned it .”

   When they heard that, they almost fell off their chin .

  “ What do you say? ?”

  “ I rely on ! no !”

  “ Two days ago ?”

  “ That's what I said , The man who told Lao Zheng was Lin Xiao .”

  “ No wonder Lin Xiao won't let you talk .”

  “ Together today , Lin Xiaocai is behind the scenes !”

   Everyone, you said one word to me , All very surprised .

   They always thought , Lin Xiao didn't care about it at all , I don't know today's play , Lin Xiaocai is the real director behind the scenes .

   It's really unexpected .

   however , When the people of Linxiao sect haven't slowed down , Zhang Jianpai's people came together quietly .

  “ What did you say ? Lin Xiao is the informer ?” It's Shao Wen from Zhang Jian school , The battle between the two factions is over , But there was something gunpowder between the two sides .

  “ How to talk ? What kind of informant ? Is our contest a secret ? Or do you dare to sneak around , Dare not compete openly ?” Originally, Xu Bo had been hiding in the crowd and didn't come out , See Shao Wen of Zhang Jian school appear , Xu Bo, the two heads of the family, immediately stood out .

  “ Hum ! Don't pick words with me !” Shao Wen of Zhang Jian's school looks scornful , Go on :“ I couldn't figure it out before , Five of you are so poor , Why do you answer all those questions so quickly , Now I know .”

  “ Yo! ! What do you know ?” Xu Bo looked at each other with interest and asked .

  “ Lin Xiao must be tired of playing cat in it !” Shao Wen of Zhang Jian's school said that he was a little tough .

   The people of Linxiao school can't help but be happy when they hear the words .

  “ Well, you can tell me , What is Lin Xiao tired of playing ?” Xu Bo asked calmly with his hands on his chest .

  “ this ...... under time , I haven't thought of it yet ......” Shao Wenyi of Zhang Jian's school had some language problems . To say that you are tired of playing cat in Q & A , He couldn't think of anything Lin Xiao could do . But if Lin Xiao doesn't use any secret moves , He always felt something was wrong , After all, he hasn't figured it out yet , Why are the other five so bad , I can answer their questions like a stream .

   And right now , Zhang Yong of Linxiao school suddenly comes to the front , To Zhang Jianpai :“ You're not just curious , Why can the five of us answer your questions ? This is actually very easy to do . Take this away and have a good look .”

   As we speak , Zhang Yong takes one out of his pocket U disc , Handed it to Shao Wen of Zhang Jian's school .

   The reason why Zhang Jianpai didn't go to dinner immediately , I just want to take advantage of the fact that the people of Linxiao sect haven't left yet , Solve their questions about Q & A .

   Now that we have a clue , Zhang Jianpai's people didn't stay any longer , Left the classroom one after another .

   After Zhang Jianpai left , Zhang Yong felt a little relieved , Just now, he had no choice but to break the agreement with Lin Xiao , To be questioned by Lin Xiao , Now he helps Lin Xiao prove his innocence , It's a good thing .

   And that's when , Zhu Hua suddenly comes to the front , To all the people of Linxiao school :“ Actually, we all know , Everyone has always had a problem with Lin Xiao's choice of us to play . But what I want to tell you is , Although Lin Xiao didn't say it clearly , But I know , In fact, he just wanted to give us some poor learners , An opportunity to exercise and show yourself . Although this is likely to lose the competition , Let him be questioned , But he chose to complete the five of us . That's it , I think Lin Xiao is worth following , What do you think ?”

   Zhu Hua's voice falls , All the people of Linxiao sect immediately became boisterous .

  “ what the fuck ! That's what happened !”

  “ I blame Lin Xiao for not selecting people before , I really want to slap myself !”

  “ Me too ! I'm crazy !”

  “ Damn it ! Don't say anything , I will follow Lin Xiao to the death !”

  “ Me too. !”

  “ count me in !”

  “ I come too. !”


   for a while , All the people of Lin Xiao school are excited , They all vowed to follow Lin Xiao to the death .

   This moment , Lin Xiao has become the technical belief of the people .

   And for programmers , In the process of hard and painful learning , Their technological belief , Will inspire them , On the road of future programmers , Stick to your heart , Only for the peak of Technology .

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