1 Template optimization
The improvement of space between templates when they are nested
//C++11 Last space required before ‘> >’, Otherwise, it will be treated as a shift right operator '>>' vector<list<int> > //OK, For each version vector<
list<int>> //C++11
2 keyword :nullptr and std::nullptr_t
C++ use nullptr replace 0 or NULL, For pointer
void f(int); void f(void*); f(0); // call f(int) f(NULL); // If NULL = 0, Call f(int) f(
nullptr); // call f(void*)
In header file < cstddef > Defined in std::nullptr_t
typedef decltype(nullptr) nullptr_t;
3 keyword auto
stay C++11 in , You can declare a variable / Object does not specify a specific data type , Use keywords auto To automatically derive data types
auto i = 727; //i Type is int double f(); auto d = f(); //d Type is double vector<string> v
; auto pos = v.begin(); //pos Type is vector<string>::iterator
auto General use of ( Not all data can be used auto, Because we need to be familiar with data types ):
(1) In case of uncertain data type
(2) When the name of the data type is long
list<string> c; list<string>::iterator ite; ite = find(c.begin(), c.end(),
target); // use auto list<string> c; auto ite = find(c.begin(). c.end(), targrt);

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