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As a typical senior IT male , About to spend the first 42 Birthday . I've been working on the front line in programming for so many years , During this period, I also had the opportunity to transfer to management post , But when you think about character , After hobbies , Or stay at the technical post . Over the years , Always keen on Technology , Never thought about the midlife crisis . Before I knew it, I came to middle age , Recently, middle age crisis , Then I went to the major recruitment websites to have a look , It's amazing to find that almost all programmer related jobs require an age of 35 Under , That's when I realized , Middle age crisis does exist . But as a man of optimistic nature , No sense of despair . The article that exploded the circle of friends 《 Middle age , Half slope of the workplace 》, I've seen it, too , In fact, I don't really know where the crisis is ? From the perspective of a grassroots employee , Let's talk about the so-called midlife crisis .

first , As you grow older , Especially after having a family and children , It's not as good as young people in terms of time and energy , But middle-aged people have an advantage to supplement , That's more experience than young people . This is in the stage of rapid product development , Maybe we don't see any advantages , But after the product goes online , Or in the testing phase , It's a mystery , Then experience can come into play . Experienced employees sometimes rely on an intuition , Determine the direction of the problem . Usually find the right direction , It's more important than staying up all night . stay IT field , Especially in the field of Internet , The most important thing is that knowledge is updated quickly , Various new technologies emerge in endlessly . however , If you've studied Android The framework will know , although Android System updating and upgrading , but Android The framework hasn't changed much , If you've studied it in depth Android
4.x Framework of , Go to see it again Android
6.0,7.0 Source code of , There is no essential change , There is no problem of outdated knowledge , And it's such a huge system , The longer it takes , More thorough research , More advantages . In programming languages ,C++ May be considered an outdated language , But there is no denying that , In the field of basic software , Like the operating system , compiler , Basic components, etc , Still can't C++. and , Current graduates , Not willing to learn C++ language , After all, the learning curve is relatively high , So if we master C++ language , Isn't it an advantage ?

secondly , Although middle-aged people can't compare with young people in learning new knowledge , But middle-aged people also come from young people . If it's not the same thing , A couple of bosses , Generally, I can master several programming languages and technologies . When I was in college, I studied FORTRAN,PASCAL And assembly language , After project and work with tutor , Learning again Visual
Basic,C/C++( include C++ Builder and Visual
C++ Two programming tools with different styles ),JAVA,python, In the age of Microsoft , I did ASP,Visual C#,Visual
J++, Started a management system for a while , So yes SQL
Server,Oracle The database is also involved , Later, embedded system , Early Nucleus, Embedded Linux, And then it was Android system , All in all , There are more than a dozen technologies contacted , Most of this is learned for work needs , In general, it's complicated and not proficient . It doesn't matter , You only need to master one or two of them , Others have studied or used , It's like planting a seed , When it comes to soil, it will take root and sprout . Say so much , To sum up , Middle aged people have more comprehensive knowledge and skills , This is particularly important for SMEs . ad locum , The division of labor is not so detailed , For example, you do browser engine , It's impossible for the company to assign you a front-end development engineer to do the test page . You don't just write web pages , You may also need to script to test engine performance , This time , The advantage of comprehensive knowledge will be obvious .

last , Middle aged programmers usually have a certain economic foundation , For a progressive programmer , Before occupation 5 Year is the golden age , There is usually a steep upward curve of income , If you have a little financial sense in this period of time , Know a little about investment , There's usually real estate and some savings . In fact, the wisdom of programmers , There's no problem finding some in the stock market . Personal disapproval of stock speculation , But every few years , There are always several stock market highs , If we can recognize this Law , There's nothing wrong with taking a handful , Anyway, leeks need to be harvested . But don't be greedy , When everyone talks about stocks , Exit in time , Avoid harvesting . It's accumulated like this , There are some assets in hand , What's the matter ?

of course , like 《 Middle age , Half slope of the workplace 》 Some of them , High position , fully reinforced , A lot of opportunities , The only worry is not to be better , There's no way . So to speak , Ma Yun should be more anxious , Because he's been number one , There's no way to get higher , And worry about being overtaken .

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