As the world's leading boutique holiday brand , Robinson (ROBINSON) Three club resorts in Asia , It's dynamic , healthy , Holiday destination pronouns of entertainment and European style . Whether it's going to the Cora Robinson Club Resort, which is adjacent to Phuket, Thailand , Or a trip to Robinson in two resort islands in Maldives , Robinson has your reasons .

From wonderful entertainment experience to delicious delicacies , From colorful sports to brand-name health and fitness programs , Then to the way of soothing, relaxing and warm customers , These are the charm of Robinson's unique vacation concept . in addition , Robinson's one price all inclusive package can also help you not worry about multiple consumption , Enjoy the tropical island holiday without worry .

Whether it's a family trip , Or with my dear TA Spend a sweet time together , Or travel with friends , Three Robinson Club resorts in Asia are your ideal choice ——“ Adult Island ” Robinson Club Resort Maldives only 18 Open to adults over , Is the first choice for romantic holidays ; Nunuo Robinson Club Resort in Maldives and koala Robinson Club Resort in Thailand are more suitable for family tourists . Lock Robinson as the destination of the next trip , Six compelling reasons , It's time to start a unique and unforgettable Robinson holiday !

Trustworthy German brand : As an internationally renowned German Boutique Resort brand and a leader in European markets such as Germany , Robinson's mission is to present guests with a high level of experience . Robinson meets your needs and expectations for a perfect holiday —— graceful , Open and private resort environment , Local architectural details , Charming natural scenery , Modern facilities and model level services , Of course, there is a western style holiday atmosphere full of pleasure and joy . As the first Robinson in Asia —— Robinson Club Resort in Maldives 2010 Opened in , Here we received the first Chinese guest . Robinson's three club resorts in Asia are not bothered by overcrowding , Spacious vacation space surrounded by beautiful natural scenery , The perfect place to relax .

WellFit® Healthy lifestyle : Robinson brand iconic WellFit® Concept is a synonym for healthy lifestyle , Advocate an optimistic attitude towards life , Focus on physical and mental health and enhance physical vitality . Robinson owns 15 Fitness class and experience , Including group fitness , Balance of mind and body , Private education training ,WellFit®
, Massage spa and WellFood® etc . Robinson's gyms are equipped with cutting-edge aerobic and strength training equipment , as well as Power Plate®
Vibration trainer . On the beach , Daily physical and mental balance courses can be carried out , Like Pilates , yoga , Stretching and relaxation courses, etc , Or experience a variety of fashionable sports and entertainment, including tennis , Beach Volleyball , Football , Water polo, etc , More unique water sports let novice and senior players enjoy the fun of dynamic vacation .

WellFood® Rational diet concept :WellFood® Designed for health , Nutrition and balanced diet promote human health . Robinson insists on green organic , High protein content , Lactose free healthy food , And strictly control the amount of edible oil , Strive to create a rich choice of three meals for guests . Breakfast buffet , Restaurants for lunch and dinner , There are also WellFood® Meal station , The chef of the resort will also share with the guests WellFood® Nutrition and related information of three meals , At the same time, pay attention to creating a unique menu for vegetarians . in addition , The resort also offers “ Happy food ”(FELICITY
FOOD) menu . All the dishes in the menu are made of carefully selected ingredients , Can promote the secretion of human serotonin , So as to help the guests to resist pressure and reduce pressure , Enhance happiness .“ Happy food ” The menu contains three options :Wellfood® Nutritious food ,Wellfood® Low calorie food and
Wellfood® vegetarian diet . After exercise or fitness , You might as well have a taste of what's free all day WellFood® Fresh frozen sand , Including Sydney , sweet basil , Apple , Mint , A variety of ice drinks such as cucumber and ginger .

Unlimited entertainment : Robinson Club Resort has a wonderful entertainment experience all day , Guests of all ages can find their own games here , Sports and fun . club , Swimming pool , Main bar , sandy beach , Or a garden , It's all a day's playground . And when night falls , bar , Night club , Theaters are transformed into a lively show , A wonderful audio-visual feast for the guests , Or a little surprise activity , And musicians , singer , A wonderful performance by the dancers . Join Robinson's regular “ Food and entertainment night ”, You can “ checkerboard ” Feel the shock brought by bar life and singing and dancing , Enjoy the show , Or attend ROBcarpet Red carpet night , Enjoy delicious food , Fun and creative cocktail moments . of course , Don't miss the street food festival loved by family tourists “tasteJAM®”, Enjoy the fresh and juicy beef hamburger in the creative mobile stall , Quality snacks and taste cocktails .

Like a friend “ Robinson ”: Robinson Club Resort has a warm and thoughtful , Meticulous and considerate service team , They all have a common name called “ Robinson ”
(ROBINs), They entertain every guest as warmly as they entertain their friends , Ensure that every day guests spend at the resort is unique and memorable . As one “ Robinson ” What I said :“ Our work is not just about service . We welcome you as warmly as we welcome friends , In you ‘ be a guest ’ Take good care of every detail . We treat our friends wholeheartedly , make no exception . It's not a fancy trick , It's our true feelings for our guests , Our work should have been like this , The reason behind this is that we love what we do .” Commissioner Robinson creates a warm and incomparable atmosphere for the resort , Make every day you spend at the resort as comfortable as at home .

Fun parent-child holiday : In Nunu Robinson Club Resort, Maldives and koala Robinson Club Resort, Thailand , The parent-child holiday means that every family member can enjoy the fun and entertainment experience . The resort's age plan and dedicated carers not only enable children to enjoy their holidays , And get parents out of it “ With children ” Our troubles , Really enjoy your own pleasant holiday . I want to improve my relationship with my children during my holiday ? The parent-child Club of the resort provides a variety of parent-child activities , You can go hiking with your children , Football and other projects , Explore the world with children . in addition , The two resorts also offer 0-17 Providing a wide range of custody and supervision services , Children can be at the resort ROBY
CLUB Children's clubs join their own sports and courses , Immersed in all kinds of experience . If parents want to enjoy a moment of leisure , You can also go to the spa to enjoy all kinds of spa care projects or the relaxation brought by sauna .

in short , It's because of these exciting reasons , Your holiday in Robinson is destined to be unforgettable ! As a one-stop Resort , Robinson resort in two private islands in Maldives “ All inclusive ” Package , Including three meals a day , Drinks and snacks , And Thailand's koala Robinson club resort provides “ Three meals included Plus” Package , Including three meals and free drinks .

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