Sword finger Offer——“ What is your biggest weakness ” Answer skills and examples

   problem analysis : It is a great advantage to know one's own shortcomings , When HR When asked about your shortcomings , Your chance is here , Please show your self-knowledge ! You want to pack the good into the bad ?
   Let 's say “ Responsible for work ” This advantage is disguised as “ Demanding too much of yourself and others ?” The interviewer will comment with disdain : This is the rest of my game five years ago , It's the most dangerous place .
   You want to be completely honest : The accountant said he was careless ? People applying for sales say they are nervous ? The interviewer will comment with infinite regret : He has a good heart and a good eye , honest , But not suitable for our work ,
Recommended to “ To be honest ” Let's go !
   Treat this problem , The only way to deal with this is to sincerely expose your weaknesses , As long as this weakness is not what you apply for “ Fatal injury ” that will do .

Answer demonstration 1:

* My public speaking ability is poor ,
I get nervous when I speak in public , But I'm more relaxed when I talk about areas I'm familiar with . So when I need to make a public statement , I have to be well prepared . I do envy those who can talk freely on any topic .
Answer demonstration 2:

* As a manager, I have one disadvantage , The heart is too soft . Although good heart can be said to be an advantage , But as a manager, this is not a small disadvantage , Because management really needs to be tough . Compared with other team leaders ,
Because I compare “ soft ”, So my staff is a little less disciplined , For example, late for a meeting . of course , “ soft ” It also has its advantages , My staff are very happy to communicate with me , So the work efficiency will be improved .
Answer demonstration 3:

* I think one of my shortcomings is that I talk too much , Always eager to express their views , My classmates say that I'm a good teacher ,
Show off . I did notice , Because I said too much , I would ignore listening to others' opinions . So I wrote a sentence in my notebook : “ Talk less and listen more ”! It turned out to be funny , Even if I feel like I'm saying very little ,
My colleagues will also say : “ Oh , You're very active !” The impression is hard to change .
Answer demonstration 4:

* I sometimes have more than enough to do things macroscopically , Lack of detail . Sometimes make some low-level mistakes ,
For example, when typing 2005 Made in 2004 year , Lose something or something . Last year when I was planning a new year's party with my classmates , I forgot the last time I checked the microphone ,
It turned out that the microphone didn't work half an hour before the show , It caused a lot of panic . So I especially like to be with people who pay attention to details , Can learn a lot from them .
Answer demonstration 5:

* I'm sometimes in a hurry to get there , Or to be impatient . Once you take over a task , Always want to finish it as soon as possible ,
Always feel comfortable after finishing one thing . however , More haste, less speed. , Too much pursuit efficiency, Will sacrifice accuracy. I always remind myself now accuracy first place ,
efficiency Second place , It would be much better .
Answer demonstration 6:

* I sometimes set unrealistic goals , Like a month to lose weight 10 kg . , Type out the form in an hour . I think ,
It's not a bad thing for me to set unrealistic goals , so-called Aim at the Sun, land on the Moon.( Flying towards the sun , At least on the moon .)
With a high goal, there's a lot of motivation , It doesn't matter if it doesn't work out . however , When I work in a team , This has become a big drawback . In the team , Once the goal is set too high ,
It will cause a lot of management problems . I think this is a shortcoming I need to overcome .
Answer demonstration 7:

* I think my biggest weakness is that I haven't learned to work at my best all the time . I'm working as a teller at the bank eight hours a day , Facing a large number of customers , It's really hard to serve every guest in the best condition . however ,
If not , It's easy to lose opportunities . I learned this lesson last winter . I was in a bad mood because my family was ill , So when a customer comes for consultation, it doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic , Just gave him some information on business . As a result ,
He didn't come to me when he came to do business the next day , It's the change of a teller who looks very friendly , At that time, I bought 200000 yuan of profits ( financial products ). If I don't bring my emotions to work , He will definitely be my client ! It taught me a lot , I think ,
Unpleasant emotions have a chain effect , Once the unhappiness in life is brought into work , There's going to be unhappiness at work right away !
Answer demonstration 8:

* I think I sometimes care too much about other people's feelings , Let's say ,
Dare not express different opinions directly , Because I think it will make them lose face , In fact, this is not conducive to the rapid and effective development of work . I hope I can gradually learn to be more cheerful , More direct to people and things .
Answer demonstration 9:

* My disadvantage is that work needs pressure , When there are requirements , I'm more efficient when there's competition . My academic record is very good , Because of the test pressure . But in College , I didn't do too many part-time activities ,
Because there is no pressure to make money . So I especially hope my boss can be strict , Give me more pressure , ha-ha .( comment : Interviewer is pleased —— This is what masochism is about !)
Answer demonstration 10:

* My weakness is that I am susceptible to other people's influence , Let's say , I'll work hard when everyone is studying , People are looking for part-time jobs , I started to work part-time, too . I found myself in a herd mentality , ha-ha , therefore ,
If only I could join Tencent , Tencent has many excellent talents , I'm going to have a good impact .
Answer demonstration 11:

* My weakness is that I love to be a bull , Don't know how to change in time . But it also reflects my persistent side . I will try my best to solve problems first , When I can't solve it, I will turn to my classmates and the forum for help .

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