LZ I found that people generally think it's a novel , But it's not a novel .

   you 're right , The series is narrated in the style of novel writing , But it's almost all true , Just being LZ Part exaggeration and part fiction . And in LZ In the concept of , Fiction is pure fiction and YY The kind of , Like before LZ Written 《 Power programmer 》, That's a serious novel .

   Besides, the purpose of the novel is to make people relax and have fun , And this series is to make people and LZ Experience together LZ What I have experienced .

   So this series , It's really not a novel ,0-0.


——————— Dividing line ———————

  “ what the fuck ! Why don't you run ? Just now we can fight back , It can be counter killed ,OK?” In Lin Xiao's bedroom , Smog , Like a fairyland , Lin Xiao sits in front of the computer in big underpants , Glossy hair , Bearded , Face the microphone in front of you , Swearing .

  “ Kill your uncle . It's just your delusion .” There is a disdainful voice from the computer stereo .

  “ illusion ? what the fuck , You say I'm an illusion ? Do you want me to sing one 《 illusion 》 Let me tell you ?”

  “ other ! I was wrong , Give me a break . It's almost time for supper .”

  “ Hum , Want me to sing to save you money ? There's no door . Buy me a home in the city , I'm dead. I've lost all my money .” Lin Xiao said with a successful smile on his acne face .

  “ Deline ! As long as you don't sing , I'll send you another big blood bottle !”

  “ You know what you're doing . Let's get you and me off the road and help me , I'll deal with the enemy .”

  “ Squeak ......”

   When Lin Xiaoxing is full , The bedroom door was suddenly opened .

  “ Lin Xiao , This city 2 It's on , Why don't you go to bed? ?”

  “ dad , You scared me to death , I thought my mother woke up , I'm waiting for you to come back .” Lin Xiao turns his head , Look, it's father Lin Changtian , It's a relief . Then I touched my stomach , Please say :“ hey . dad . i am hungry . Please give me a bowl of noodles .”

  “ That's ok . You wait .” after one's words , Lin Changtian turned and ran to the kitchen .

  “ okay , My dad just came , Go ahead .” after one's words , Lin Xiao immediately went to fight .


   In a flash , Lin Xiao has been unemployed for nearly two months . In these two months , Except for the first week when the mother and the son were safe , The rest of the time , As long as Han Xia sees Lin Xiao playing the game , I can't help it . No wonder , Lin Xiao's mother is a strong woman , My son finally graduated , But I'm at home playing games day and night , How can she not be annoyed .

   Lin Changtian, Lin Xiao's father, is totally different from Han Xia , Lin Changtian has no ambition , A very contented person . No matter how tired you are during the day , Just let him play mahjong in the evening , This is Lin Changtian's happy life .

   So every time Lin Changtian sees Lin Xiao playing games , But I'm not in a hurry . contrary , Because he came back late after playing mahjong , Lin Changtian often makes night food for Lin Xiao . Until many years later , Every time Lin Xiao thinks of playing games at home , Waiting for my father to do the night scene , Both miss and feel sad .


   A week later , Han Xia can't stand her son's staying at home every day , So I'm going to find something for Lin Xiao . At that time, driving test was very popular , So Han Xia's first act and then his second act brought Lin Xiao's name .

   It was still very hot when Lin Xiao tested his driver's license , And the practice car for driving test , There is no power to the steering wheel , A turn is basically a sweat . Because of this , Lin Xiao complained about his mother for a long time during his driving test , I don't think it's the right time for my mother to sign up , That's what it looks like , To live is to be spoiled .

   But there are also things that make Lin Xiao happy in driving school , That's in driving school , Lin Xiao has met a girl he has always liked —— Li Dan . Li Dan's mother and Lin Xiao's mother are close friends , When Lin Xiao was little , Li Dan's mother often takes her to play mahjong in Lin Xiao's house , Let's go , Li Dan and Lin Xiao are naturally familiar .

   And unfortunately , Li Dan is two years older than Lin Xiao , But late in school , So they're still in high school , Although not a class , But I meet occasionally . Lin Xiao can feel it , Li Dan loves himself .

   But what bothers Lin Xiao is that , After college , I'm no longer Lin Xiao in high school , It's a pure loser . therefore , Encounter at driving school , It's just to add color to Lin Xiao's life in driving school , It didn't make a big ripple .

   After more than a month of hard work , Lin Xiao is still in 2009 Of 11 Got a driver's license in May . During the driving test , Although I'm tired , But the good thing is that there's an excuse to test for a driver's license , Han Xia finally talks less frequently .

   At the same time, Lin Xiao is more fun , Has started in a YY The channel is the organizer . this YY The channel is composed of a person named Haitao DOTA Interpretation established , And Lin Xiao as the organizer , Often help people organize games in the room . And since being an organizer , Lin Xiao is not only fighting by himself DOTA, Sometimes I'm tired , I'll do it for a while OB Explain the game , It's fun to play .

   But these days , Soon it was ended again by Han Xia . After the driving test , More than two months is the time for postgraduate entrance examination , Therefore, Han Xia adheres to the principle of not seeing but not bothering , Sent Lin Xiao to Zhengzhou .

   After arriving in Zhengzhou , Han Xia rents a house for Lin Xiao next to zhengdaxin Campus , one month 300 Yuan , The house used to be a two bedroom one hall , Lin Xiao rented a single room separated by the hall . After settling in for Lin Xiao , Han Xia asked for a few words , So I went back to my hometown alone .

   Now Lin Xiao is stupid , When I came here, I brought only a notebook ,DOTA I can't play . As for postgraduate entrance examination , When he came to Zhengzhou, Lin Xiao never planned to take the postgraduate entrance examination , It's just to move on to another place where nobody's bothering you .

   so , What Lin Xiao is struggling with every day is not how to review better , It's about what kind of game to play .

   When Lin Xiao was worried , A game that he couldn't stop playing in high school came to him , That is —— Dream journey to the West .

   This game has been hailed by Lin Xiao as one of the games developed by China , The most worth playing and the most worth playing again and again , Even Lin Xiao finally entered the ranks of procedural apes , It has a lot to do with the dream journey to the West .

   Now that we've found the game , Lin Xiao's life will not be lonely , Once again immersed in the world of games . And this time , Without my mother's supervision , Lin Xiao is more unbridled , Sometimes I don't know how long I've been playing .

   This kind of outsider seems boring , But to Lin Xiao, it's a very full life , It wasn't until a phone call that this kind of life had some episodes .

   One night , Lin Xiao is taking people to catch ghosts , All of a sudden, the Nokia next door rings .

  “ feed , who ?”

  “ Lin Xiao , I am Ren Jing . Remember me? ?”

   Lin Xiao couldn't help but wonder ,“ Ren Jing ? Oh , Remember . How do you think of calling me ?” after one's words , Lin Xiao couldn't help but smile bitterly , How could he not remember Ren Jing . This is Ren Jing's primary school classmate , I chased him for a while in high school .

  “ Why can't I call you ? You should go home after graduation ? Let's go out for dinner later .” Said Ren Jing with coquetry .

  “ this ...... I'm not at home .” Lin xiaoleng said .

  “ Not at home ? You stay in Lanzhou ?”

  “ no ...... No, . I'm in Zhengzhou .” Lin Xiao couldn't help slandering :“ Hum , How can I stay in that poor place in Lanzhou , Although the Ramen there is really delicious .”

  “ Oh , In Zhengzhou . What are you doing in Zhengzhou ?” Ren Jing's voice was obviously disappointed .

  “ Me . I took the postgraduate entrance examination .” Lin Xiao looks at his computer screen , Again confirmed :“ yes , Postgraduate entrance examination .”

  “ Postgraduate entrance examination ? Your academic record has been good , I really should take the postgraduate entrance examination . What school are you going to take ?”

  “ Of course, it's Zheng Da . My mother rented me a house in zhengdaxin campus , So that I can get closer to my future alma mater .” Said Lin Xiao shamelessly .

  “ Zhengdaxin Campus ? Okay , I got it! . Let's do that first .”

  “ Oh , good . bye-bye .”

   Hang up , Mr. Lin Xiaozong feels that the last call of Ren Jing is a little inexplicable , But his teammates in the game are still waiting for him . Just in a flash , Lin Xiao forgot about it , At the same time, it can also quickly type a few words in the game ,“ Sorry, guys , I just got a call .”


   Day by day , For Lin Xiao , Time is like no money , By his wanton extravagance .

   Almost two weeks after Ren Jing called , Lin Xiao in the dream journey to the West , I got another call from Ren Jing .

  “ feed , Who? ?”

  “ Me ! Ren Jing ! Last time you didn't remember my phone ?”

  “ ha-ha .” Lin Xiaoji's explanation :“ I forgot that I took the postgraduate entrance examination too seriously , You don't care .”

  “ All right , Let's have dinner tomorrow night .”

  “ Okay , Good .” Lin Xiao is distracted by the game , It's only after the subconscious finishes that that that's not right ,“ I said I was in Zhengzhou ?”

  “ I know you're in Zhengzhou , And you're still next to zhengdaxin campus, right ?” Ren Jing says with a smile .

  “ Okay , you 're right . That's what I said .”

  “ That's right . One of my classmates goes to school in zhengdaxin Campus , I'll go to play with her tomorrow , By the way .”

  “ Oh , now I see ...... All right , See you tomorrow .”

  “ Okay , Don't forget . Hang up .”

   Hang up with the phone , Lin Xiao's heart finally appears a little restless this time , Murmuring to himself :“ Did she really just drop in on me ?”


——————— Dividing line ———————


  LZ But at the risk of kneeling on the keyboard , It's hard to say no .

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