Some people say , Good code , It's not as good as the interview .
…… Eloquence is more important , Or technical ability is more important ?
This question , I've asked several big people . Like Ali's P8, Tencent's P9, Headline VP…… also Facebook Good brother . Big people have different opinions , such as @ Only Dukang , Known as brother Xu .

Brother Xu said ,“ important , It's your imagination ”

imagination ?…… It's even more confusing . Can think of how to write architecture ? I can still think of a more advanced interface scheme ? With this question , I found aobing . Aobingke is so powerful , An interviewer with deep knowledge and fame . from 2 Month start , He's in B Stand up and fire quickly . Do you know how to deal with the technology of Dachang ? How can interns enter the factory ?…… Spring recruit autumn recruit , Job hopping to double salary , How to 400 Out of the interview …… Every question is what I want to know , But it still hasn't solved my deep questions .

So I had to find aobing .

“ AODA , I have a question ”
“ Don't call me AODA .”
“ Aobing God ……”
“…… Just call me aobing ”

Our conversation begins with a brief correction of address . And then from Java reach C++…… It's about aobing's personal problems . subsequently , We're talking about interviews , A few hours of arguing . Self considered birth 00 After me , Think that only cattle X Well done , There must be no trouble with the interview . But aobing shook his head , As an interviewer , Judgment on Talents , Not just candidates , Expression and orientation . A matter of fact , Understanding and landing ability of Architecture , I want to have a judgment on this , The test is often the interviewer's skill .

So I strike while the iron is hot .

“ Aobing , You can give us a live broadcast .”
“ I really want to see the real interview scene .”
“ If it's tragic enough …… I'll never change my job again .”

So we finally made an appointment 5.14 At night ,8 spot . Aobingdi “ opponent ”, It's a 985 Intern of , hear …… Claim “ Hangzhou noodles bully ”? There's nothing he can't get Offer, Only the interviewer he can't see .

Aobing · Real body

If , You are interested in job hopping and salary rise .
If you want to be a face-to-face bully .
If …… You want Wanzi dry goods and the opportunity of face-to-face communication with tycoons !!
Scan code into group or add small assistant wechat into group .【 wechat number :vipcsdn】 remarks " meet OFFER" Into a group

here , There's a chance to change your destiny
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