2020 year 5 Monthly average national Programmer Salary 14542 element , median wages 12500 element , among 95% 's salary is between 5250 Yuan to 35000 element .

Undeniable? , The Internet industry is really a lucrative industry , And programmers are the hot spots in this industry . Programmer promotion and salary increase compared with other positions , Relatively easier .

But according to the survey , But only 13.57% Over 10 years in this industry .

I see a lot “ Old age ” The programmer is in a panic ,“ Back wave ” Rushing in , continue 996, Hesitating but helpless .

middle age , In this sign “ mature ” Age stage of , family , cause , wealth , Seems to have everything , They're not up to it . Left hand holding young children , Holding the parents with their right hands . House loan , Education and other expenses “ Dashan ”, Structural surplus of Internet talents , The pressure of high salary brought by age , Irreversible decline of body function ……

Even full 30 At the age of, young people began to have a sense of crisis , To be frank “ Middle aged programmers are too hard !”

Just by age

If an industry is completely measured by age , Youth as the highest priority , The new young blood can replace the old middle-aged soon after they are familiar with the rules of the industry , So this industry must be young .

But this world , It's not just programmers who are eating youth food .

As you all know , Want to work in private enterprises 65 Retirement at the age of five is almost impossible , It's hard for professionals to escape the middle age crisis .

Whatever your age , No matter what position , No matter what your past achievements , Will face a serious crisis , There is no guarantee , There is no bottom in my heart . In my opinion ,45-60 It's a real crisis .

Competition always exists , The way to live is to learn , Experience and experience , yes “ Old age ” First mover advantage accumulated by programmers .

In my opinion , There's no midlife crisis . If you keep repeating the mechanical work , No professionalism , And the added value of the post is low , Such a middle-aged person can be replaced by a young one at any time .

The emergence of this crisis , We shouldn't let age carry the pot .

No industry is age dependent , Even the standard in the secular eyes of the performing arts circle “ Youth meal ” industry , There will be young people who can't easily win “ Old drama bone ”.

There is no shortage of ordinary programmers in the workplace

A lot of people say that the programmer industry has a youth meal , I think it's true for some programmers , The premise is that you do the repetitive work day by day without updating your own technology as the technology updates .

Over time , If we don't improve our core competitiveness, such as technical depth , Breadth and ability to think about business, etc , You're going to be knocked out by people who are physically better than you and who work harder than you .

There is no shortage of ordinary programmers in the workplace , What's missing is people with deep technology and sensitivity to business and products .

The biggest obstacle for Chinese programmers is language barrier , English is not good , Unable to communicate technology with people around the world , There are a lot of people watching the sky . The second serious problem is the lack of learning ability and perseverance , It's easy to give up , Not willing to take the time to think deeply and study deeply , Mostly think about how to work less overtime , How to earn more , How to be lazy at work and so on .

I don't know if Chinese programmers eat youth food , But people who don't work hard don't have food , Working overtime every day to do repetitive work can make money temporarily but can't improve themselves .

think 6-7 Years ago, I had the best technology : Design Pattern, OO, Hibernate, Oracle, , SOA+ESB,
JMS/ActiveMq... If you only know these things now , They will definitely be hanged by young people who are familiar with cloud computing and various distributed databases .

For example , Director of R & D Department of blue team cloud , Technology bull from Microsoft , Age 35+, Still glowing in the post , Still keep thinking and creativity that young people can't match . What does he depend on ? The ability of active learning , Always embrace technology , Keep your mind young .

Thousands of programmers , The human resource market is never short of ordinary programmers . An irreplaceable person , No matter what you are young, you can shine .

To be a middle-aged programmer

Internet industry is a constantly changing industry , On the one hand, programmers eat youth food , In fact, technical factors are ignored . People with new technology can't be eliminated anywhere .

As a professional , We get anxious sooner or later .
Maybe less than middle age , Maybe soon 30 year , Maybe just now 30 year , It will start to produce a kind of inexplicable fear in the bottom of my heart .
It's like the body and the subconscious are trying to tell us , The ceiling is getting closer and closer .

Computers are an industry that rewards elites and hard-working people , It's youth food , Reward young people , So that you won't be used by mediocre people " Qualifications " Don't turn over .

however , It turns out that people with the ability and skill are fathers from young to old .

As you all know 360, But not all of us know Fu Sheng .360 To a great extent, Fu Sheng's success , But it's the best ,2008 year , Fu Sheng resigns . A generation of technology bulls 30 What did you do at your old age , Founded Jinshan , Developed cheetah browser , stay 36 At the age of, you're worth billions of dollars depending on technology .

You might say , There are always a few successful people in this industry . You're wrong , Technology will never be out of date , Can't be the industry leader in time , Can also become “ Irreplaceable ” Programmer for .

Internet industry information changes with each passing day , Every year, a large number of young people with advanced education come in , New technology with young people , Wave after wave , So as an Internet person , Don't settle for the status quo !

Facing older age anxiety , Only improve your personal ability as soon as possible , So even when the storm comes , Can also rely on their own strength to stand in front of the storm again .

Defeat in youth with new ideas and new technologies 90% Of “ Not enterprising ” Our predecessors , To suppress in middle age with one's rich and knowledgeable knowledge 90% Young people of .

Precipitation of time , Accumulation of experience , To be irreplaceable , All this is due to the return of hard work .
I saw a very inspirational news these two days , One 61 The year old aunt went to the hospital during the outbreak 160 Multiple online courses , Live and learn the old spirit , It's worth learning from our programmers .

last , I would like to give some suggestions to programmers who feel the middle-aged crisis .

you 30 Next year, I will feel the crisis of middle age , You feel the pressure , Can't breathe , You fear , You are anxious , You don't know where the road is
That's really a good thing !!
This gives you a real chance to calm down , Objective planning of the future road , If we can take the initiative to learn , Rational planning , Middle aged you will be your knowledge , experience , Comprehensive peak stage of physical fitness .

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