Synthesize current reliable messages , Apple's flagship of the year this fall iPhone 12 Series will still be available iPhone 12,iPhone 12Max and iPhone 12
Pro,iPhone 12 Pro Max
Four models in two versions . And as the release time approaches , More and more details about the machine have been exposed . Now we have the latest news , Recently, Guo Mingqi, an international analyst, revealed , all-new iPhone 12
There will also be changes in the accessories of the series .

   According to Guo Mingfu's latest news , all-new iPhone 12 The series will probably cancel the wired headset that has always been included EarPods, To drive the lower priced AirPods
2 Needs of . Although it's free Earpods All of a sudden, it's gone , It is inevitable that many consumers will feel a loss , But with the development of Technology , More and more users choose wireless headset ,EarPods
It makes sense to cancel the wired headset , of course , Want to get a higher price for free AirPods 2 It's impossible .

   other aspects , According to the previously exposed information , all-new iPhone12 Series models will provide iPhone 12/12 Max,iPhone 12Pro/12 Pro Max
Four models in two versions , Screen sizes are 5.4/6.1 inch ,6.1/6.7 inch , All of them will continue to be the overall screen design of bangs , among iPhone 12
The version adopts arc aluminum alloy middle frame , and iPhone 12 Pro The version is made of plain stainless steel middle frame . All based on 5 Created by nano process A14 processor , support 5G
network . in addition , This series of new machines will continue the square camera module made before , among , Two iPhone 12 Series with rear dual camera , And two iPhone 12 Pro Series will be equipped with rear three cameras
+LiDAR laser radar scanner .

   it is reported , all-new iPhone 12 The series is likely to be delayed , It was previously reported that iPhone12 The starting price of iPhone 11 Flat , Expected at 4580
About yuan , and iPhone 12 Pro The price of the series may be 999 Dollars to 1099 dollar ( About RMB 6561 Yuan to 7658 element ). More details , We'll see .

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