How to restore the deleted wechat chat record ? I believe wechat is one of the most popular social tools we use , A lot of kids have this social tool on their phones , Of course, as time goes on, there will be more and more chat records in our wechat , What to do if chat records have been deleted , How can we restore deleted chat records ? How to restore the deleted wechat chat record ?

One : Wechat recovery on the computer side

First, open wechat on the computer , In the lower left corner of the interface, click “ Backup and recovery ”, Use the backup function to backup chat records and files of wechat , If the chat record is deleted, you can find and restore the deleted chat record from the backup , use “ Resume chat to mobile ” Restore the required chat records .

Two : Wechat repair tool

Recover wechat chat records through functions on mobile phones , Open the wechat of mobile phone, click me, and then click settings to see it in it “ Help and feedback ” Click this option to enter and select the wrench mark in the upper right corner to see the fault repair , After clicking, you can see a lot of options , Find the chat record and click restore chat record .

Three : Computer software recovery

The deleted wechat chat record can be recovered by finding the computer recovery software , Found on the computer 【 Mutual shield Android Recovery Master 】 After that, connect the mobile phone that deleted the chat record to the mobile phone and use the “ One click recovery ” Fast scan of function scan data in mobile phone .

Then wait for the software scanning to finish, and you can see the scanned data on the software interface , After finding wechat from these data, click to see the wechat account that the mobile phone has logged in, select the account to delete the chat record, view the details, and then select the required chat record to use “ Restore selected files ” Restore chat .

How to restore the deleted wechat chat record ? According to the above methods, you can easily restore the deleted chat records , Very simple way . A lot of important data in mobile phones should be backed up .

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