“ What's up? ? Why do you have to leave all of a sudden ?”

   Listen to Lin Xiao , Anningcong turns around , Now Lin Xiao noticed , An lingcong's eyes are red , It's obvious that I cried just now .

   Now Lin Xiao is more curious , It's less than ten minutes since I bathed myself , What happened ?

   It's not until Lin Xiao continues to ask , Anningcong then spoke again , It's just an opening , It makes Lin Xiao feel like a thunderbolt .

  “ I'm sorry , Lin Xiao . actually ...... actually ...... Actually, I have a boyfriend .”

  “ What happened just now ?” Lin Xiao's voice is a little low .

   Anningcong wiped the wet tears from the corner of her eyes , Some dodge eyes said :“ That's true ...... I met him when I was interning in Beijing , It's almost a year now . Before I graduated , We had a fight over some trifles , Plus, I just graduated , So I went home in a fit of rage .”

  “ After going home , I ran into Yang Shijia in the street by chance , When you were at school, the whole school knew about you two , I saw her , I think of you , I asked about you curiously , And then I got your phone number from her . When I was at school, I really liked you , Even now , Plus, I was fighting with my boyfriend back then , And then ......”

  “ And then I thought that I was idle anyway , Just have fun with me , That's what it means ?” Lin Xiao suddenly said indirectly .

   An lingcong who didn't dare to look at Lin Xiao , Now I suddenly raised my head , Against Lin Xiao's four eyes , Say firmly :“ That's not the truth , Lin Xiao , You have to believe me !”

   Lin Xiao's face is like water , It's just a cold snort , No answer . In his heart , What an lingcong said at the moment , He can't believe it anymore .

   An lingcong looks at Lin Xiao and doesn't mean to answer , I have to go on :“ He called me just now , On the phone, he apologized for the last fight , He also said he would work hard in Beijing , For our future efforts . I was also moved after listening , I couldn't help telling him about my coming here , He was very excited after listening , I want to go to Beijing now , Otherwise ...... Or I'll never look for him again ......”

  “ Then you've already thought about it ?” Lin Xiao knows how much he asked , But I still hope to hear an lingcong answer this question by himself .

   An lingcong hesitates for a moment , Then he choked :“ Lin Xiao , I'm sorry , In fact, you are very good , however ......”

   Lin Xiao no longer wants to listen to an lingcong's explanation , Because in his opinion , Redundant explanations will only embarrass you , So he reaches out and interrupts an lingcong ,“ okay , You don't have to explain . put things away , I'll take you to the station .”

  “ Lin Xiao , If you want to , I can ......” Just talking , An lingcong then slowly closed his eyes , It looks like you can pick it .

   Have to say , What an lingcong looks like now , It's a great temptation for any boy .

   however , Lin Xiao seems to have never seen anything , Three times, five times, two times, and I'll pack up , And then to an lingcong, still with her eyes closed , Said a word coldly ,“ go !”


   When Lin Xiao and an lingcong leave , It's almost evening 8 It's half past three , It's hard to find a car if you want to go downtown at this time . Fortunately, in Linxiao school , The last bus to and from the old and new campus is 9 spot , That's how they got back to the city .

   When we get downtown , It's already night 10 It's on , The school bus of Lin Xiaorang stopped near the railway station , I got out of the car with an lingcong .

   Because the place to get off is a long way from the railway station , And now the bus almost stops , Lin Xiao had to give another taxi , It's about the same 10 At half past three , Arrived at Lanzhou Railway Station .

   After arriving at the railway station , She wanted to buy her own tickets , But Lin Xiao insists on paying for an lingcong's ticket , And bought himself a platform ticket , Ready to take anningcong on the train and leave .

   Why , It's not about Lin Xiaofa's kindness , It's not him , It's what he thinks , After all, an lingcong has given himself a happy summer life , Although anningcong cheated himself , But the more so , The less he wants to owe , And put anningcong on the train safely , It's the last thing he can do .

   Lin Xiao bought a ticket in the early morning 12 Start around , So after buying the ticket , The two will have to wait about an hour to get in .

   In this hour , They didn't say a word , Just sitting in the waiting room , Waiting for the arrival notice quietly .

   Probably from the departure 20 In minutes , The announcement of entering the station just sounded on the radio , There was a long line at the gate , Watching the line grow longer and longer , The two of them had a lot of understanding, but they didn't stand up .

   Until the number of check-in teams almost stopped growing , Lin Xiaocai took the lead in standing up , Deadpan :“ let's go !”

   With the flow of people , They soon arrived at the door of the carriage .

   When we get there , Lin Xiao reaches out and hands the luggage to an lingcong , Then I said something lightly ,“ Get in the car .”

  “ Lin Xiao , I ......”

   An lingcong's words are not out yet , He was interrupted by Lin Xiao ,“ Needless to say , let's go .”

   Lin Xiao didn't listen to his explanation at all , Anningcong had to swallow what he said , Then carry the luggage , Step by step, back on the train .

   Because they bought the tickets late , Only station tickets , And anningcong got on late , So after getting on the train , An lingcong stands at the door , Didn't go inside .

   Lin Xiao didn't leave immediately , But lit a cigarette , Waiting for the train to leave quietly .

   When the car door is closed , Lin Xiao subconsciously turns his eyes , But it's just opposite to an lingcong's eyes .

   In the eyes of an lingcong at the moment , Full of guilt , It seems to be mixed with a trace of nostalgia . And Lin Xiao's eyes , But it's like a deep pool , It's hard to see what's on his mind .

  “ Hoot ——”

   With the sound of the train whistle , The train started to move .

   Looking at an lingcong, who is more and more far away from himself , Lin Xiao's eyes , Nothing changed from the beginning to the end . Instead, it's an lingcong , Feel the train start to leave , My eyes are full of tears , Thin lips are also slightly wriggling , It's like saying something to Lin Xiao .

   The first few words , Lin Xiao doesn't understand what an lingcong is talking about , however , The last words of an lingcong before he left , But he understood .

   That sentence is —— Lin Xiao , I like you! .


   After seeing an lingcong off , It's almost early in the morning 1 It's on , I can't go back to school , Lin Xiao had to find an Internet bar near the railway station , Bought a pack of cigarettes , A bottle of water and a bag of noodles , It's been painted all night DOTA.

   In the virtual world of games , Lin Xiao can't stand it any longer , The avatar became the legendary sprayer , Venting your inner anger on the Internet .

  “ fuck , Zeus, are you stupid ? You know how to rob people's heads ?”

  “ what the fuck ,VS, You're changing me ! You are the assistant , Die for me !”

  “ what ? You said I was rubbish ? Try another one ? Can you believe me as the sixth person ?”

  “ oh dear , what the fuck ! Don't say anything , Delivery !”

  “ fuck ! Help to rob my knife ? Delivery !”

  “ fuck , You sell me ? Delivery !”

  “ what the fuck ! You robbed my head ? Delivery !”

  “ fuck , Help you not to buy chicken ? Delivery !”

  “ what the hell , Send one back to the city without giving it ? Delivery !”


   That night ,VS There is a wonderful flower on the competitive platform , this man , If you don't agree, send , Became almost a sixth person all night .

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