Direct code . as follows
import turtle# We import here python Drawing Kit in import time def LittleHeart(): for i in
range(200): turtle.right(1) turtle.forward(2) love=input('Please enter a
sentence of love,otherwise the default is "I Love You":\n') me=input('Please
enter pen name, otherwise the default do not execute:\n') if love=='': love='I
Love you' turtle.setup(width=900,height=600)# The size of the canvas of love
turtle.color('red','pink')# The color of love and the color of the outside pen turtle.pensize(5)# The thickness of the brush
turtle.speed(1000000) turtle.up() turtle.hideturtle() turtle.goto(0,-180)
turtle.showturtle() turtle.down() turtle.speed(5) turtle.begin_fill()
turtle.left(140) turtle.forward(224) LittleHeart() turtle.left(120)
LittleHeart() turtle.forward(224) turtle.end_fill() turtle.pensize(5)
turtle.up() turtle.hideturtle() turtle.goto(0,0) turtle.showturtle()
turtle.write(love,font=('gungsuh',30,),align="center") turtle.up()
turtle.hideturtle() if me !='': turtle.color('black', 'pink') time.sleep(2)
turtle.goto(180,-180) turtle.showturtle() turtle.write(me, font=(20,),
align="center", move=True) window=turtle.Screen() window.exitonclick()
The results are as follows :

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